Last hours and New York JFK airport


New York smells like fast food. New York is its lights, its endless traffic, its crowd from side to side with a giant glass of coffee in hand, its sewers that smoke by themselves or prolonged with a huge tube. New York life are shops, stunning windows, music that transmits Christmas like nowhere in the world, skyscrapers that intermingle with small residential houses, churches or synagogues, trees with Christmas decorations or dozens of shows in old theaters ... Today, this inconsistent bubble mixture alien to the world that is Manhattan dismisses us with a see you soon. The JFK New York airport will see our flight heading to Madrid take off and everything will remain in the blog as a beautiful dream ... or not! UPDATED 2018/2019

For the first day, we wander aimlessly. Only focused on what will be our last look at the surroundings of theRoom Mate Grace which has hosted us these days in the heart of Times Square. Will we come back?

Magnolia Bakery and last hours in Times Square

It seems like yesterday when the lights of the New York night blinded our entrance by Times Square. 11 days ago of that, everything was expectations and our mouth remained open with everything we were finding in each corner. Today, however, we are already accustomed to the rhythm of the Big Apple. Paula, even with a certain melancholy, continues with her imperennial smile that she has enjoyed all these days, a trip that you will not forget anymore.

Of our main goals to see, do or even taste in New York, few have remained. Time has accompanied and today we barely took the opportunity to surround ourselves to a nearby Magnolia Bakery and Rockefeller Center that we have missed these days

A Magnolia Bakery? Is there anyone who doesn't know what we mean?

CAFETERIA / PASTRIES NEW YORK | MIDTOWN: Magnolia Bakery, is a chain founded in 1996 in West Village and that today it has patisseries in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Honolulu, Mexico City, Seoul, Tokyo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Kuwait City and Doha

Despite the expansion, small stores maintain their familiar look, full of classic American bakery products, vintage decor and that warm and cozy atmosphere of these bakeries.

Their cupcakes are famous, for us maybe not as much as the Molly's Cupcake we tried in Greenwich Village, but for some they are the best in New York, so if you can you have to try them.

Although the pies They looked great too, so we wouldn't know which one to stay with, hahaha. (6 USD)

Come on Paula! We will take advantage of the last hours of solete in New York, hehe. By the way, in addition to being an incredibly well-known bakery for how rich everything it sells is, it also had its stellar appearance in “Sex in New York”, something that has also helped make this store so famous. They say that after appearing in the series, just 30 seconds, the store was filled with people and the brand reaffirmed the reason for its popularity.

The McGraw-Hill Companies area with its photogenic Christmas balls breathes more tranquility this morning than previous days with the lit tree or in musical schedules orRadio City Christmas Spectacular by The Rockettes

It has been 11 days, yes, but many things continue to surprise us, since the curious trucks of certain products to panoramic restaurants that have been left for future visits. We also bought some last detail (14 USD)

Sit to enjoy Times Square close the cycle It was the first thing we did that first day and we repeat it today from Dufy Square.

The sewers smoke as we have seen so many times in movies. It is real and, although we had seen it before, today with that tranquility that gives you no route, you look more in every detail

There is also a lack of New York policemen, those who find it hard to imagine chasing any thieves but who empathize quickly with any traveler

New York JFK Airport, the entry and exit of the dream

It's 13'00. Time to pick up our luggage from the hotel slogan and head to the JFK New York airport. They say they go through it about 50 million passengers annually as the main entrance to the United States from Europe and that makes it, not only in the main airport in New York, but also in one of the main airports in the world

Do you think we have done a lot? Well Paula already brings things aimed for her second trip to New York:

- Discover Staten island and return with him ferry at dusk
- Investigate about clandestine restaurants so fashionable
- Make the excursion to the Statue of Liberty and the Crown
- Plan a route of different stores, alternatives or vintage
- Enjoy some other rooftop like Jimmy
- Taste some other restaurant as the only restaurant and revolving bar in New York on the 48th floor of the Marriott Marquis, the River Café, Five Guys, Jackson Hole, R-Lounge, Cafe Wha listening to live music, Luke's Lobster, Pizeria Grimaldy's or Juliana's
- Take one Beer or drink at Brooklyn Brewery or the Wythe Hotel Terrace in Brooklyn
- Rockefeller Center skating
- Happen a whole day in Central Park
- ¿Staying in Greenwich Village? The neighborhood that we liked the most to live
- Down to Coney island if it's summer and eat the famous puppies
- To visit more museums and include the Intrepid Museum
- Reserve the Federal Reserve of New York
- See a Baseball, NFL or NHL match
- Take a Circle Line cruise
- Walk the High Line by day
- Scroll from shopping at an Outlet outside
- Travel to Boston, Niagara, Philadelphia or Washington from New York

Will we start again the preparations Paula "choosing the things to do in New York"for the second trip? hehe

As in the first leg, we have hired a transfer service from the hotel to the JFK New York airport to forget about the calls "rush hour" although at this time there is still not much traffic. From 16'00 it should be taken into account


Although we always give you all the information to organize transfers on your own, if you have little time or prefer something easy, you have the following option NO LANGUAGE PROBLEM and with VERY GOOD OPINIONS from other travelers. The transfer from New York can be from airport to hotel (the driver will wait for you with a sign) or vice versa and even personalized. The price is per vehicle (NOT person)

Transfer Airport-Hotel in New York

Although this is the most comfortable and quick option to / from the New York airport, remember that you have the taxi or the combination of Air Train + Metro (and even helicopter) as possible alternatives.

He New York John F. Kennedy Airport has nine terminals. Iberia departs from Terminal 7 and he does it with that shabby plane, but without obsolete screens like him alone, demonstrating again that the departure had been a mere mirage while the travelers looked at us stunned before such a "junk" for a transoceanic flight. Anyway…

Gone are coffee shops, patisseries, restaurants, bookstores, the New York Contrast excursion, he NBA game at Madison Square Garden, he helicopter flight over Manhattan, skate in Bryan Park, immersive plays like Sleep No More or the Broadway musicals like Aladdin, the Empire State, the Top of the Rock ... and, in short, this magical trip to Christmas in New York. Until the next trip!

Paula and Isaac, from New York (United States)