Marunouchi, Harajuku and Shinjuku, Imperial Palace and skyscrapers


Marunouchi / Chiyoda It houses one of the most important places of our trip, the Imperial Palace where the emperor of Japan lives since the Meiji restoration repealed the Shogun standards. Harajuku, belonging to the district of Shibuya and our next visit of the day, is the pure geek that can be seen from the famous "Gothic Lolitas" to Japanese mixing traditional styles (kimonos, fans) with the most modern trends (hello kities, stikers ...) By last Shinjuku another contrast to the previous two neighborhoods, It is the area of ​​Tokyo that concentrates more skyscrapers, luxury hotels and business centers and possibly the heart of the city. REMASTERIZED 2017

A long and intense day awaits us although, after leaving last night for Shibuya, we have not risen too early

Tokyo Imperial Palace in Marunouchi / Chiyoda

Yesterday we distributed our passage through the capital of Japan in different districts of Tokyo that we want to see on this trip (always crossed out those already seen in previous days). The objectives are as follows:

- Ueno / Nippori: Kaneiji Temple, Park and Ameyoko - Yanaka Cemetery
- Shinjuku:
Metropolitan Government (VIEWS), Kabukicho (moving street) and Electric Street
- Shibuya
: Omotesando, Harajuku, Shibuya Center Town and disco
- Roppongi: Akasaka, Ropongi Hills and nightclub
- Odaiba: Shiodome / Ginza, Tokyo Bay
- Chiyoda-Marunouchi / Tokyo:
Imperial Palace and Marunochi Blv
- Akihabara: Electric City and shopping
- Asakusa:
Senjoji Temple

Today is the turn, as we have indicated, to Chiyoda-Marunouchi / Tokyo, South Shibuya and Shinjuku


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Tokyo guided tour

We have not woken up very tired or too late after last night's party. In fact at 9:15 we were already having breakfast at the Edoya Hotel (You can read our Edoya Hotel reviewand the Fukudaya Hotel review from when we returned years later). By the way, the breakfast at this hotel is terribly bad.

From the Ochanomizu Station (where we buy our morning juice for 120 Y) we head to Tokyo Station, where we take advantage to leave reserved with theJapan Rail Pass the last day trip to Narita Airport. Although it took us a bit to orient ourselves in the meantime, from the station (very beautiful outside, by the way) we approached the first visit of the day ... The Tokyo Imperial Palace!

Kyoto Imperial Palace It shows a peculiar and careful image in what is a must see (although the Palace gardens and the same can only be accessed on two specific dates of the year since the emperor and his family live here), enabling the visit to the gardens of the eastern part. The definition of "peculiar" comes from the contrast between huge skyscrapers and buildings barely separated by an esplanade (Imperial Palace Plaza) of the lush park surrounded by moats, gardens and temple.

One of the most famous views of the Palace are the Nijubashi bridges, two structures that form the entrance to the inner part of the palace. The stone bridge in front is called Meganebashi and the two-story wooden bridge Nijubashi.

Following the walk we enter the area of ​​the east gardens by Otemon Gate (free entrance). It is very pleasant at this time of the morning where we can see the original foundations of the fortress, the towers that remain from its origins, great stone walls and beautiful vegetation. We can even enjoy sitting for a while since it is very hot. Coca cola, water and pepsi, sugar! sugar!! please (360 Y)

Continuing north we leave the main enclosure by the Kitahanebashi-mon gate and across the street we go into the Kitanomaru Koen Park. There we pass by the science Museum and the name Budokan, the great martial arts pavilion erected in 1964 for the Olympic Games (which, by the way, are being played at the moment - and we barely follow them - although if we see posters of the Tokyo Olympic candidacy to those of 2016. If the Japanese and Chinese don't get along very well).

We just visited this area in the Yasukini Shrine where the names of almost 2.5 million people who died in the Meiji Restoration War, the first Japanese War of Sino, the Russo-Japanese War, the First World War and many others, are inscribed on the walls of this chapel that It has a 25 m high steel door in the shape of Torii.

Harajuku (and Omotesando), the neighborhood of the "lolitas" par excellence

We cool a little with another water (110 Y) and approach the nearby Ichigaya station to head towards Harajuku. !! A post office! We put stamp on the last postcard that we were missing (70 Y) and for Spain it goes.

Harajuku It is the place in Japan with more "outfits" per m2, in addition to shops and stores of all kinds to get lost, as we did. As soon as you leave the station you can breathe another atmosphere and you are facing Takeshitadori, the street with more movement that we have seen throughout the trip and the symbol of Harajuku

We have not approached Yoyogi Park, where they say there is more concentration of "quirky" than on this street.

!! these Japanese are crazy !! ... the one that goes from shepherdess, the one that goes from chrome, the luxury "pilingui" (hehe, without evil, huh?) More stores? (800 Y)

We stop to eat in a place of "oriental" pasta that has all kinds of spaghetti sauces and they put 2 or 3 bowls of different varieties of this pasta (4,080 Y). Not bad and it helps us to regain strength and face Omotesando, the Elypseos Fields of Tokyo

We are surprised by a huge store of Kiddy land, one of the most famous in Japan with a variety of toys and gadgets, up to 6 floors with all kinds of themes, and a Condonmania I do not know if there will be in Madrid or Barcelona but certainly in our "town" has not arrived hehehehe

Back at the station, we are again in Takeshitadori to enjoy a little more of that atmosphere mixture of "sinister", "cosplays" and "traditional" and stop in an enclosure full of machines that we do not know well what they are.


In 2012, during our trip to the South Seas, we finished our trip around the world through Japan and returned to Harajuku and Omotesando, but also this time we went to Yoyogi Park and ate at a tavern that was very worthwhile. Expand your information in "Yoyogi Park, Yokohama and Okonomiyakis in Tokyo"

The fact is that there are many Japanese doing a kind of session of pictures and we have been curious.

! Go! If they are "coñeras" photos. Aleee, memory of Harajuku (200 Y), hehe

Shinjuku, the nerve center of Tokyo

To end the day we have headed towardsShinjuku Station, the station that most people travel around the world a day, something that we can intuit just being there for a while, they even have huge conveyor belts (type Barajas T4) to travel long distances underground. Such is the magnitude of that station that almost without going to the surface we put ourselves next to the Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment, our next visit (and another water, the day we take the most, 120 Y)

The world of skyscrapers is shown before our eyes from the Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment Observatory, the one that was the tallest building in all of Japan until in 1993 it surpassed the Landmark Tower of Yokohama (which we will visit in a couple of days).

Of course, it remains the highest in Tokyo with 293 m and from here you can have a privileged 360º view of the entire city, ideal for contextualizing and for those who like these panoramas. Admission is free.

Although the initial idea was to approach Kabukicho, we will try to rest today before tomorrow we want to get up at 4 to go to the Fish Market, one of the most exciting visits.


In 2012 we finished our trip around the world through Japan and returned to Shinjuku, expanding our experience in Kabukicho and also testing Kobe meat in a skyscraper with spectacular views in the district itself. Expand your information in "Kamakura, Kabukicho and Kobe meat in Tokyo"

The last photo above is back by Ochanomizu to Edoya. For that area we had dinner on a whim today korean restaurant stone meat (6,930 Y) and we bought water for the night (130 Y). Sofia Coppola movie enthusiasts have a Lost in Translation night tour in Tokyo which takes you to its main stages (we haven't done it yet)

Early morning! Family, we are perfectly and better than ever. The journey that has taken us through the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, the alternative neighborhood of Harajuku or the futuristic Shinjuku and its skyscrapers They have marked a long day of contrasts. What will tomorrow hold for us?

Isaac, from Tokyo (Japan)

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