Edoya Hotel in Tokyo


We arrive at the final destination of our trip (Japan 2008) and in terms of accommodation, our last Ryokan.

During our trip to the South Seas of 2012 that we went through Japan again, we found another option very close to the Shibuya crossing that we would recommend more today. You have your review on

Tokyo It is the capital of Japan. This metropolis is the center of politics, business, finance, education, communication and popular culture throughout Japan. It also has the highest concentration of corporate headquarters, financial institutions, universities and colleges, museums, theaters and shopping and entertainment establishments throughout the country. How do we plan accommodation here?

- We spent 6 days here, so we have to look for something economical after the whims of Miyajima and Hakone.
- No curfew to be able to arrive at any time.
- Japanese style room with private bathroom
- Close to good stations to communicate with everything we want to do from here.

It was perhaps more difficult to choose the neighborhood in which we wanted the location of the hotel than the hotel itself. In the end, after much reading we had no doubts, we will stay at the Edoya Hotel, very frequented by Spaniards, especially for its location near 2 JR stations and 2 subway stations as well as not having a curfew to be late. Also its economic aspect was important

The booking process was easy, since everything is very well indicated on its website. It is done by email to the address email protected (UPGRADE: You can already make your reservation for theEdoya Hotel by booking much more easily and with cancellation option whenever you want up to 24 hours before) and they answer you almost immediately with rates, facilities, etc ...

We booked a Japanese type room with bedroom and private bathroom, to finish off the trip.

his Location It is phenomenal. It is in the Ueno neighborhood, a quiet neighborhood with restaurants and shops around. We have 2 JRs very close, that of Ochanomizu and that of Okachimachi, in addition to the subway stops of Yushima and Suehirocho. This will put us anywhere in the city in a short time, as well as for excursions or transfer to Narita Airport the day we leave.

The room What we have booked is Japanese style with private bathroom inside it. It is a STANDARD TWIN / DOUBLE Japanese Style. Futons, bath, etc ... as in the rest of Ryokanes in which we have stayed. They leave you towels and a yukata while you are staying. It also has a hairdryer, television, refrigerator and air conditioning. The bathroom is also fully equipped with toothbrush, comb, conditioner, shampoo, gel and soap.

Refering to cleaning, reading in the forums and blogs (of other Spanish), they say that it is very well taken care of. We will have to see it. We tell you around the corner.More things to note are that it has Wifi and computer at reception, staff speaks English, dispose of Housekeeping, bathrooms outdoor, yard or mini-zen and a good restaurant, the Umejaya. Breakfast whenever we can, we will do it in the Umejaya from 7:00 am to 9:30 am.

Let's make our traditional "GUIDED VISIT" of the hotel.

The first thing to comment is that the Check-in, as in the rest of Ryokans that we have met, it is made from noon. In this case you pay in advance (at Check-In and not at Check-Out) although here they do accept CREDIT CARD

The appearance both outside and inside is good. And the Location, as we had commented before going, Excellent. There are all kinds of restaurants to eat in the area (Italian, Korean, Japanese, ...) as well as shops. JR Ochanomizu and Okachimachi s stations are 10 and 15 minutes away respectively, and the Yushima metro stop is 5 minutes away. In this area they are all slopes, but not as pronounced as we fear, so they don't get tough (to get less clear, hehe).

It is the accommodation more like a hotel We have been, with more than 6 floors, the reception in hotel plan, we must not leave our shoes at the entrance, etc ... There are many Spanish. In fact it is one of the bases of the Spaniards in Tokyo. Here we meet the people of (very good people, who were starting their journey) Despite Algogoku's warning, it seems that the lord of the entrance (not the girl) attends in English without problem.

We arrived at the room and it seems clean, What is the most important.

Here the futons are already mounted and the room, not too wide to leave your luggage, is distributed in two parts, an area where the table, TV, coffee maker, etc ... and another for the rest area. There are plugs, a built-in closet, the typical yukatas, etc ... Ah, yes, we were on a 5th floor and WE DID NOT HAVE WIFI COVERAGE for the notebook. If we wanted internet we had to go down.

The futons They are comfortable, and the pillow has sand, rice or whatever it is like in some other Ryokan (the case is that it is comfortable to sleep).

The worst, by far, of accommodation is the bath. Despite having shampoo, gels, soap, etc ... the fact that with the light it has you can barely see, and that it costs a world and part of another to put the warm water, makes us not excited. In addition, I sometimes slapped the pipes, which makes us intuit that they are already a few years old.The bathroom is before entering the room on the right (or left, depending on rooms). In the background is the "poceta" bathtub and at the beginning of everything, a room where the W.C.

Between one and the other a kind of toilet with laundry where you barely see the light, as we said before, and finally,

Another weak point of the hotel is the breakfast, included in the price (they give you a ticket every day with the hotel key). It is finished BAD. This is served in the hotel restaurant, the Umejaya, from 7:00 to 9:30, but there were days that at 8:15 when you came down there were no muffins left and if you asked the old lady who managed it until she looked at you badly. That is another, this "old lady" has some bad fleas that sometimes made her want to tell her something. Apart from that, the "buffet" (to call her something) they have it in a 4x4 room where only 4 people fit at once . Uncomfortable and getting on top of each other. One of the tables has Japanese and other western type meals (the tables almost occupy the entire room). The variety of things is quasiridicula (there was no juice, toast you prepare them in a toaster that sometimes spoiled, fruit of course nothing at all ...) In return, the hotel does have a detail worthy of praise.

To go from 5 nights accommodation they give you a ticket for a free dinner. This consists of a kaiseki dinner with 2 dishes to choose from. The truth is that the restaurant hits a change, since a friendly lady serves you and the food is really good (at least what we choose among all the options they give you, which are quite a lot).

He price per day and for 2 people It is 10,010 yen, which for our 6 nights makes a total of 60,060 yen (approximately 366 euros, 61 euros per night). This amount includes the right to breakfast every day.Check availability and prices for Hotel Edoya

Would we recommend it? On this occasion, as in Kyoto, we left the "consumer" to choose it, without daring to recommend it 100%, yes, liking us much more than the previous one.

PROS: Location, restaurants and shops nearby, futons, yukatas, friendliness (except for breakfast)
CONS: Light and plumbing of the bathroom, there is no wifi coverage on high floors, space of the tatami somewhat sparse, breakfast.

Of course, if what you want is to use it to fall asleep on the futon like us, it is an option to shuffle that is well priced and well connected.

Isaac, from Tokyo (Japan)