The 7 best beaches in Cádiz (desired in the Caribbean)


It is well known that we are in love with the sun and heat (although it may not seem like it because of the last trips we have made for Switzerland and Liechtesntein, Norwegian Arctic or Alsace at Christmas) and especially the beach, so the Costa de la Luz It seemed a priori a more than recommended option. What we have found shows that "it is not necessary to go to the other end of the world" to find true paradises. We tell you where to spend a day or several enjoying the best beaches of Cádiz that they already wanted in the Caribbean itself and that they really surprised us.

Its situation, the southernmost of the Peninsula, and its magnificent climate, made it the object of desire of Greeks, Romans, Visigoths or Arabs. Multiple attractions cover its 200 km along the finest and golden sand of the Peninsula. Do you remember? We go with our suggestions of the 7 best beaches of Cádiz (which could be 20 or 30) UPDATED 2019

1 Sajorami, Zahora beach

You will be shocked to see this beach first on the list when we all have in mind the best-known beach names and of course with total justice, but for us its surroundings, its environment and especially its impressive sunset made us fall in love.

The entrance to Zahora can be something different when having to go through the intricacies of alleyways but it has parking and restaurants but not in a massive way that one might think.

Add a romantic dinner or just have a drink and listen to live music while watching the sunset to the main ingredients, a fine white sand of a spectacular beach by itself, and you will have a little corner that you will remember forever (thanks to Mascha Kleber for your suggestions to meet her on the networks)

2 Cabo Trafalgar beach in Caños de Meca

Another spectacular beach whose situation next to the lighthouse that presides it makes it unique to have a perfect postcard.

An ideal place to enjoy a day of beach without crowds, and one of the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen at the site of the famous battle that was fought in 1805. If your travel time is before summer, You may prefer the previous one to watch the sunset by the sun position.


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3 Playa de los Alemanes de Tarifa, near Zahara de los Atunes

Despite our initial suspicion to see many new buildings around, we find a beautiful beach in a real corner of peace and tranquility.

The fact that the only disturbance is the sound of the sea itself is a sensation that we had not had for a long time. A unique landscape, also with its lighthouse in the background, with fine sand and crystal clear water, which extends from Cabo de la Plata to Cabo de Gracia.

We find ourselves with a kilometer and a half of authentic natural paradise that they would envy in the Caribbean itself.

4 Bologna beach in Tarifa

The authentic and wild beach par excellence, again awarded a few days ago by the Travelers' Choice Beaches awards (from TripAdvisor) as the 10th best in Europe and 2nd in Spain (the first is the Ses Illetes in Formentera, Balearic Islands).

Located in front of the Moroccan city of Tangier, it is another essential beach of Cádiz on your trip along the Costa de la Luz. More than 3 kilometers of fine white sand, with crystalline waters, considered asone of the last virgin beaches of the south of the Iberian Peninsula.

Do not forget that it also has an added value, its famous dune declared a National Monument and of great ecological importance. In it you can spend a pleasant day of beach without crowds and away from the most urban beaches of Tarifa.

5 El Palmar de Vejer Beach, near Conil de la Frontera

The truth is that talking about some of the beaches of Cádiz you end up being repetitive, because you are speechless, and this is what also causes this wonderful beach reference to the world of surfing for its orientation

Its location and its also more wild aspect, due in large part to its extension, makes it another of those places preferred by many to enjoy another impressive sunset, as we did.

A quiet beach to walk and relax but also has rustic beach bars and makeshift artisan markets that run through it and make it breathe more authenticity if possible.

6 Valdevaqueros Beach in Tarifa

One of the best known beaches of Tarifa, perhaps with more people than the previous ones but with four kilometers to go if you want to take a quiet walk, in this case from the tip of Valdevaqueros to the tip of La Peña.

A highlight is also its dune set by a population of pine trees. It is an ideal beach to enjoy for example the most adventurous sports.

7 La Barrosa beach in Chiclana

When you ask for advice to enjoy some of the best beaches in Cádiz, in addition to Bologna, another name comes to the fore, that of Playa de La Barrosa, another of the privileged scenarios for morning athletes that we had just in front of the accommodation.

It is an ideal situation in the geographical center of the Costa de la Luz and very close to Cádiz Capital, Vejer, Chiclana or Conil


Our readers have left us in the comments a lot of beach recommendations that they would include in this top 7 or those that they felt were missing and deserved to be named. We not only want To thank them for bothering to write to us, but we wanted to leave here a list of those beaches we could not visit, which we will surely visit in the future and they look very good:

-Beach of Castilnovo, Conil de la Frontera (David), one of the few virgin beaches that remain and whose status, in 2015, was valued as "completely natural"
-Beach of Victory, Cádiz capital (Pepe), the first beach in Spain to obtain the Tourism Quality Seal Q (since 2004) and, as if that were not enough, it has been considered the best urban beach in Europe.
-Cutting Beach, Cádiz (Susana), the only natural beach in the municipality according to the official tourism website of Cádiz, with almost 4km in length.
- Peppermint Beach, Barbate (JCC and Pedro), a kilometer of wild and spectacular beach.
-Playa Paloma Beach, Tarifa (Herbosur), from where you can easily see the coast of Morocco.
-La Cachucha Beach, Puerto Real (Carlos), urban beach, with fine orange sand.

Do you want to know more about the beaches of Cádiz? We leave you some practical information.

Useful information to enjoy the beaches of Cádiz

Cádiz beaches without lift

Rising wind? Do not worry! There are more collected options to enjoy a good tan protected from that annoying sensation, write them down:

Fuente del Gallo beach, protected by a cliff.
Oil Creek, the area of ​​the lighthouse of Roche.
- The same Calas del Roche which are among the 7 best beaches in Cádiz.
- Protected urban beaches where it does not give the lift (Playa de Santa María del Mar or Playita de las Mujeres in Cádiz capital or Playa de la Muralla in El Puerto de Santa María, for example).

Urban Cádiz beaches that could be among the 7 best

Do you fancy an urban beach that allows you to combine a walk, a tapas route or a party night with a nap in the sun without moving the car? These are your options:

- Los Bateles Beach, in Conil de la Frontera (you have the article with all the details) that could perfectly be on the list and which you access on foot if you are staying in this beautiful town.

- Beaches of La Costilla, Rompidillo / El Chorrillo, Punta Candor and the Whale in Rota, some of the best beaches in Cádiz in the westernmost area (in general the best are from Cádiz Capital to Tarifa).

- Beaches of La Bonanza, Bajo de Guía and La Calzada / Las Piletas in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (you have the article "What to see in Sanlúcar de Barrameda" with all the details), especially the one from Bajo de Guía to combine with some prawns?).

- La Caleta Beach (among others) in Cádiz, one of the most pleasant in the Cadiz capital.

- Zahara de los Atunes beach, one of the best days we had with a "beach" meal at a local beach bar.

Cádiz beaches that allow dogs

We know that every day you are more those who travel with pets (ourselves with Nico). Well, they can also spend their sunny and hot days in the summer season (from June 1 to September 30) even if only legally enter the Camposoto Beach, located in San Fernando de Cádiz. It seems that it is not entirely legal but everyone is quite tolerant on low-occupancy beaches without surveillance (Cala de los Alemanes, Hierbabuena Beach, Hacienda, El Cañuelo, Aguadulce, Canillos, Montijo, El Cabrero or Cala Arenas) So with the area between Cónil and El Palmar where many of our "best friends" congregate.

Out of season (October to May, inclusive) if allowed on the beaches of the following locations:

- San Fernando
- Sanlucar de Barrameda
- Chipiona (between November and February only)
- Barbate
- The Line of Conception
- Broken
- Vejer de la Frontera.

It is prohibited with the risk of a strong fine in Algeciras, Chiclana, Cádiz. Conil, Puerto de Santa María, Puerto Real, Tarifa and San Roque

We are aware that there are many more unknown to many, so this is just a small brushstroke of some of the most special, authentic and spectacular that every traveler should know (like us) in their first partial view of the area. And you? Which of the best beaches in Cádiz do you stay with?

Isaac and Paula, from the Coast of Light of Cádiz