Cuban private houses


Although in the web cover You do not usually see unless you search a lot, we have been working on the "dark part" of the page for a few days, fixing old stories and adapting them to the new version (things that were pending in the "hurried" opening of cotters 3.0 that November 23, 2009)

Taking advantage that this weekend we have been REMASTERIZING (can you say so?) On trip to Cuba that in 2008 we carried out Juve and Isaac, We wanted to close the chapter of that experience talking about a topic that "we had been hung" and with which, at the time, we wanted to close it: THE CUBAN PARTICULAR HOUSES

If there is something that we remember with great affection for that adventure, it was the possibility we had to live with the strange Cuban people.

Step back a little in time. Was 1997 when Fidel Castro allowed native Cubans to rent rooms from their own homes to foreign travelers. Of course, these should be legalized at all times, asking for a license with the Cuban government.

A new way of conceiving tourism in Cuba was born, and with it, the possibility for many to enjoy an unforgettable experience (although illegally it was done before).

To this service, much cheaper (between 15 and 30 CUC on average) than any hotel or hostel, Currently, several capital gains are usually added, such as the gastronomic, offering families to prepare a good breakfast or dinner for very reasonable prices.

This weekend we have updated the accommodations of that trip, in which in addition to the Mercure Sevilla Hotel and of Cayo Levisa Hotel we were staying at the Carlos House (Trinity), the Claudio and Iliana's house (Hundred fires), the Alma House (Killings) and the Elisa House (Viñales).

For who does not remember, that trip to Cuba started on March 18 (2008) arriving in Havana. Without much thought we took a rental car and, a backpack, we entered the famous Santa Clara. When we were going through esoteric mountains of Tope de Collantes We fell the night getting away from one of the most magical moments we have had on any trip, there, in the middle of nowhere, under the light of a beautiful full moon.

Although we barely got where we would spend the next two nights. These were in Trinidad making us discover an unforgettable place, of those taken from the most independent films, where everything was transformed at sunset ...

The journey to Cienfuegos took us to a hidden place in the deepest Cuba, taken from a fairy tale, a paradise to discover still virgin ... The Niche, a wonder of nature.

The road ruled and after a night of deserved rest in Cienfuegos, we arrived at the Bay of Pigs, where we saw the lightest and most intense blue only found in some corners of the world.

Almost by chance in a nearby town, after visiting the Guama crocodile farm, we found a "stangis" house where we ate crocodile with Yuli and his family, !! and it wasn't chicken !!

After passing through Matanzas, where we took lodging, and enjoying a night in Varadero (which disappointed us a lot), almost without sleep we linked to one of the most essential Keys of this planet, Cayo Largo... what a beautiful thing !! there was also Cayo Iguana (and Juve doing his own)

Road (and blanket) we pass by Alejandro Robaina's plantations, where we "scored" one of the anecdotes of the trip, before getting ready by boat in Cayo Levisa, the famous islet where Ernest Hemingway sought his rest.

Viñales It was our last stop before heading back to Havana, a town that fell in love with us, like Trinidad, and where we could perfectly have stayed a week among its people ... and !! YOUR NIGHTS !!

The return to Havana He took us to explore for three days a city of exquisite colonial atmosphere in an impressive bay at the gates of the Gulf of Mexico, prior to our return.

But nothing would have been possible without its people, leaving aside the "heavy jineteros" of the capital, and without the company, Sequoia Juve, cotter traveler family.

From here we encourage you to know Cuba in particular houses With the service offered by the Cuban families themselves, which in addition to being very economical for the traveler, will allow you to enjoy the real Cuba, where music and human relationships are the purpose of life and where the owners, in addition to hosts, become excellent transmitters of the most unknown Cuba.

While we meditate on our future return to the country of rum, music and cigars, we drop the tear of remembering this trip to Cuba in 2008, now "REMASTERIZED" and better organized for a good reading, which here We leave you again. !! Enjoy it !!

Isaac and Juve, from Cuba