What to visit in Kampala


We cross one of the fountains of the majestic Nile, the second largest freshwater lake in the world and the largest in Africa, Lake Victoria. Today we change the registry and enter a new culture, a new country. We begin our adventure in Uganda

There are 15 days left where we will never forget that first generuk in Samburu. It was the symbol of the beginning of a journey that now reaches its most adventurous part.

At 6 o'clock we were already treading the Nairobi International Airport, with bad news, Joseba and Margari were delayed from 8'00 to 12'00 (when you arrive in Bilbao leave us a message that you have arrived well) . It was time for farewells. A hug very strong companions. Our kenyan airways flight, after a small breakfast (400 KES) it leaves on time…

The flight barely lasts 1 hour and we fly over one of the most impressive lakes in all of Africa, Lake Victoria.

He Lake victoria It distributes its extension between Kenya (6%), Tanzania (51%) and Uganda (43%) country to which we are heading and on whose banks we will land in the town of Entebbe, where the International Airport is located.

As happened in the Nakuru and Naivasha Lakes in Kenya, the days before the trip, Lake Victoria is in danger due to industrial pollution and sewage, with the aggravating fact that it is not only the source of one of the rivers most nourishing there are, the Nile, but it is the second largest freshwater lake (after Lake Superior in North America) in the world and first in Africa

Although in the Kenyan part it was quite cloudy, in Uganda the good weather welcomes us. !! What nerves! What will this new English colony be like?

The procedures at Entebbe are fast (VISA 50 USD per person). Ali is waiting for us outside, the driver who will accompany us on this adventure. As in Kenya, and not having unlimited time, we have taken a van with Matoke Tours (which have helped us a lot to process permits and "crazy things" of the trip).

UPDATE 2014: Now you can request auniform visa for East Africa for a maximum stay of 90 that allows multiple entries to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda with a price of 75 EUR. Request all the information by internet or email to the embassies or at the airports themselves upon arrival (Thank you Gema)

In 1 hour we arrive at our accommodation, the Casia Lodge. It's 10:30 in the morning and there they are, having enjoyed a full day of relaxation yesterday, they are waiting for us with open hugs. !! They are Juve and Ruth !! We are all ... oeoeoeo oeoeoe. Quick we catch up with a mini-breakfast (5000 UGX) with stunning views of Kampala, its hills and Lake Victoria

Kampala, with just over 500,000 inhabitants, it is the capital of Uganda since its independence in 1962. The city sits on several hills that are occupied by the cathedral, hospital, Catholic church, Protestant church, the main mosque and the university. The orography of this city leaves a very different image from other African capitals.

We eat quietly (47,500 UGX per couple) and, we will not miss the opportunity to meet Kampala and its few various points of interest ...

For this comes who will complement our perfect team For this second part of the adventure. His name is Norman, a young guide who speaks perfectly Spanish 30 years old. He was 5 years in Cuba and besides being nice, he has a lot of culture. Next to Ali, who looks horny, we just need to throw miles to, with all the flexibility of the world, go making our routine through the country.

The city of Kampala, once you enter, will not differ much from other African cities. It is chaotic, heavy traffic, and with a certain orderly disorder. The first to enter is the first to pass. There are many motorcycles, with 2 and up to 3 people. Also local businesses, which seem specialized. One of generators, another of beds, another of vegetables, ...

There are many controls and police on all sides. It is full. Also, unlike in Kenya, all the deaths here are very well arranged, even on motorcycles.

Entering the downtown area, we see that small small houses (here of brick) change to somewhat taller buildings. Among them the oldest in the capital, Uganda House, belonging to the Uganda People Congress party, one of the catholic churches most important and the statistics house from Kampala.

We make another stop at the National theater, after which there is an immense craft and souvenir center. The first impression we get is that! here everything is thrown away from price !! (same products from Kenya up to 3 times cheaper). In fact, girls put their boots on memories (90,000 UGX)

We still have some pain of not being able to see one of the symbols of the country, the Kasubi tombs, former kings of Buganda, which were set on fire during the clashes of the March elections of this year and that had been included in the Unesco list the year 2010.

Although there is a museum, a famous place to have a cup of coffee (the 1000 Cups Cofee Shop) and some other possible small visit, we chose to approach the Garden city, a large American-style mall of expensive stores. The reason, stopping to buy an internet skewer from Orange that worked so well for us in Kenya to write some stories during the trip (99,000 UGX, not 25 euros prepaid for a whole month) and to take provisions in a supermarket (10,400 UGX )

Oh no, that's not the picture, hahaha. Do youThe feeling we get from Kampala? It is possibly a city much more advanced than other Africans, but with curious contrasts. Telephone advertisements are seen on all sides and people with mobiles, but you see "medieval" neighborhoods with truly shady areas.

The population, which belongs to a multitude of ethnic groups as Norman (many of them Bantués) tells us, for the most part of the Christian religion (Catholics and Protestants as in Kenya) it seems quite serious (children have abandoned that traditional "jamboooo") but quite hardworking . Here, although the Swahili language is mostly used in other places, but in the capital, the locals are used ("oriotiaa" is the only word we have left that means jambooo or hello).

It is time to retire. The "muzungu", as we are called here by the "whites" but not in a derogatory way (they use it so much that they even sell some funny t-shirt with the slogan "my name is not muzungu"), we are going to stick a little bath in the pool while we see how it gets dark over Kampala

Dinner says goodbye to a full day, because tomorrow we get up early to start the route of the new adventure and today Paula and Isaac have barely slept for 5 hours. From the ancient kingdom of Buganda ...

Juve, Isaac, Ruth and Paula, from Kampala (Uganda)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 400 KES (approx. 3.20 EUR), 100 USD (approx. 71.42 EUR) and 211,400 UGX (approx. 54.63 EUR) and GIFTS: 90,000 UGX (approx. 23.26 EUR)