Travel to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Congo


We tell you all the details and practical data necessary for the next adventure. !! We are going to a Travel to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Congo in 31 days!!

A first glimpse of the trip to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Congo

TRAVELLERS:On this occasion, Isaac and Paula we take the backpack to do our part of Kenya with the company of our good friends in Bilbao, Joseba and Margari, who have already traveled with us before. In Uganda, and after saying goodbye to them, we will meet with Juve and Ruthour Secuoias friends, with whom we will continue the adventure.

TRAVEL TIME: The duration of the trip will be exactly 1 month, 31 days, with the freedom that a backpack gives and have so much time. We have set our trip since July 30, 2011 to August 29, 2011

TYPE OF TRAVEL: Travel with friends. Travel as a couple Travel for free.

ITINERARY:It will be updated in the "Travel Journal" section. We will remain in the area of Kenya From July 30 we will arrive at Nairobi until mid August. There we will try to climb towards Samburu, know them Nakuru and Naivasha Lake, walk into Masai lands and reach the slopes of Kilimanjaro from the Kenyan side in Amboseli, to make a kit-kat on the road in the Mombasa beaches, in Diani. The Big Five the big goal. (UPDATE 2015: Years later, before the request by email of the readers, we made for those who want to ask the Masai Leshan budget with whom we did it)

Upon arriving at Uganda by Entebbe we will go to Kampala, the capital. From there we will go up to Murchison Falls, in full Nile to go down by Kibale Forest, Queen Elizabeth in its sector of Mweya and Ishasha until Bwindi, where we will see the Mountain Gorillas. Another lake, the Buyonyi Lake He will provide us with another little kit-kat before facing the last part of the adventure.

Rwanda will receive us in Ruhengeri and the Parc Des Volcanoes. If in Uganda we can see the Chimpacés and the Gorillas, here we would try to see the Golden Monkeys, also in danger of extinction. From there we will go to the banks of the Kivu Lake, a true rarity of nature, in the town of Gisenyi, to finish off the trip in Kigali, the capital, from where we will return via Amsterdam (if we arrive on August 28, haha)

And the R.D. Congo? Here we will think twice. The border is complex but the great volcano Nyiragongo, one of the most beautiful on the planet for its lava lake, is a major challenge than previously stated, as well as the city of Goma, the African Pompeii. We will make it?

MAIN TRANSPORTATION: Which one? The plane. From Spain to Kenya we will go with air France. From Kenya to Uganda we will try to go with Kenya Airlines. Finally we will return via Amsterdam from Rwanda with KLM

This combination of airlines has its reasoning, since all 3 are within the same alliance, so they perform shared flights. The alliance is the Sky team.

ACCOMMODATIONS:They will be updated in the "Accommodations" section

PASSPORT: Essential and valid for 6 months.
VISAS: Essential in the 4 countries. In Kenya and Uganda it is processed directly at the Airport (50USD per person). For Rwanda we process it online at this URL. For R.D. Congo we process it at the Madrid embassy through the intermediary CAP270.

UPDATE 2014: Now you can request auniform visa for East Africa for a maximum stay of 90 that allows multiple entries to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda with a price of 75 EUR. Request all the information by internet or email to the embassies or at the airports themselves upon arrival (Thank you Gema)

ID: That we always carry it
EVACUATION INSURANCE: In addition to the corresponding medical insurance, for this trip and for its wide coverage in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, we have hired the service FLYING DOCTOR which is an air evacuation service to the medical services of Nairobi. You never know, and it also helps to the great work that these people of AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation) are doing.
TRAVEL INSURANCE: Never leave WITHOUT TRAVEL INSURANCE! It is an insignificant amount with respect to what it can cost you "a bad experience without insurance". We have traveled with all types of insurance although now we always travel with IATI after the good experience of the trip to Switzerland. Do not have the slightest doubt that we tell things how they happen to us, we do not want to lose the veracity of our diaries, and it also helps us to travel, so If you need insurance and you are a CHAVETAS reader, now you save 5% by clicking here (THE DISCOUNT APPLIES DIRECTLY AND IT ALREADY APPEARS IN THE PROCESS)


LANGUAGE: Swahili and English in Kenya and Uganda, Kinyarwanda, French and English in Rwanda and French in the DRCongo.
CURRENCY: The currency in Kenya is the Kenyan Shilling (KES), in Uganda the Ugandan Shilling (UGX), in Rwanda the Franco Rwandes (CDW) and in RDCongo the Congolese Franc (CDF)
CARDS: In the most tourist sites you can use dollars and credit cards, in others they do not accept it.
GUIDE: Again the LONELY PLANET In KENYA you will accompany us. In the rest of the trip no.
GUIDE CHAVETAS.ES: As usual, the best guide could not be missed. We return to take all the interesting information of the internet in our booklets in A5 ...

PHONE: The ROAMING of Movistar, Vodafone, etc ... works, although for this trip we will try to take A WORLDSIM MULTISIM of ROAMING INTERNACIONAL (€ 0.50 / min approx in any of the 4 countries). Let's see how it goes ...
INTERNET: Well, more complicated than in other places. In Kenya easier, in Uganda, Rwanda and RD I get slow and hard to find…
SECURITY: This is Africa. The big capitals with a lot of eye. Tourist areas without too much trouble.
VACCINES: All and more Hepatitis A and B, cholera, typhoid, tetanus and yellow fever
ELECTRICITY: The voltage is 240 and type G plug in Kenya and Uganda and 230 and type C / J plug in Rwanda and RDCongo (see PINS IN THE WORLD in this LINK).
TIME DIFFERENCE: At the time of the trip the time difference will be +1 hour in Kenya and Uganda and exactly as in Spain in Rwanda and RDCongo.
RELIGION: In these countries the majority of the population are Christians divided between Catholics, Protestants and others. 78% are Christians in Kenya, 84% in Uganda, 94% in Rwanda and more than 80% in RDCongo while the rest of the percentage is represented by other minorities (Muslims, ...)

Travel to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Congo: An approximate budget

This time we are not going to break down the trip, because there are no longer concepts that we do not even have compiled. For once you are going to excuse this section ...

Now, there are only 2 days left to be landing in Madrid to begin our adventure, one that will take us for the first time to step on Africa and that, surely, leaves us with many experiences and feelings that we will try to tell…

Paula and Isaac