9 winter vacations if you do not touch the fat


Just a few days away from the most famous lottery draw of the year, we all keep our hopes in that "pinch" that can help us in many facets of our lives and, why not, in that "platonic" journey we have in mind. But today in the usual Sunday list we bring you solutions in advance ofwhere to travel in winter If you do NOT have that luck you expect. We take you to 9 affordable winter vacations for all budgets

Since we are talking about tight budgets on this list, we will leave aside those distant exotic destinations that we alluded to so many times (we promise)

9 winter vacations if you do not touch the fat

Gastronomic getaway to Portugal

Rice with seafood, cod or some of the best wines, from Viana do Castelo to the Portuguese Algarve through Porto, Lisbon or regions such as Alentejo, Portugal in winter set aside the weather to enter one of the most appetizing gastronomic routes outside from our country and without going to the other side of the world.

Some recommendations? Do not return without trying the "migas à alentejana", with bread and pork as a base, a "bacalhau à gomes de sá" or the famous "pastéis de Belém"

The best ski proposal in Andorra ...

One of the great winter holiday options offered by this station is, without a doubt, our great pending subject and that we will not miss in the short term. This is the best ski proposal in Andorra. In addition, contrary to what one might think, anyone with a tight budget can venture this winter with the ski offers available this year

And why Andorra? Because it is possibly one of the best options for skiing without going to more expensive countries like Switzerland and where places like Grandvalira or Vallnord, with great availability, prices for all audiences, unbeatable facilities, beautiful landscapes with which to combine activities and ski kilometers for many levels

In addition, Andorra ensures snow virtually the entire winter season. More flexible impossible.

... and take advantage of a shopping day

It has been a long time since our last passage through Andorra La Vella. We do not deceive you if we tell you that we want to return there one day, although if there is something we do not forget are your great opportunities for shopping, especially electronics or photography products (our last camera comes from there)

Rural experience in Cantabria

Is there anyone who has not heard that one of the escapes we liked most during 2015 is Cantabria? It was the most unknown or rural part, Eastern Cantabria, which led us to lose ourselves for a few days in the most absolute disconnection, between inns of charm and wonderful natural landscapes

The mountain roads of this area hide corners with special charm where to consider a different rural experience and also very economical

Liendo, the Soba Valley, the birth of the Asón or practically unknown prehistoric caves almost next to the house, what more can you ask for?

Escape the harsh winter of the north in Andalucia

Are you more from fleeing the cold? Sure sure? Snow has its charm, huh. Well, okay ... well, we're going south. How about taking a tour of the coastal towns of Cádiz that we saw in previous articles and that we enjoyed during Holy Week.

We are aware that it may not be the best time to enjoy a few days at the beach (you never know) but of course what will never be lacking is that charm and authenticity that each village gives off and its excellent gastronomy. And why not? maybe you prefer one route through the white villages of the Sierra de Cádiz

A fantasy weekend in Neuschwanstein

Low season and oil for the soil. Good time to consider a nearby flight and not leave half a budget. What do you think of an entry through Munich aiming at a fantasy place? We talk about Castle of the Mad King or Neuschwanstein

The previous photo is taken from the Marienbrucke bridge and is one of the most beautiful photos that can be taken from a place of magic in the Hohenschwangau area and Lake Starnberg where Louis II of Bavaria decided to settle in 1884.

It is a castle that was nominated for the 7 Wonders of the World, being a finalist in the top 20 ... a true work of art! in itself

European cities "lowcost" in Bucharest, Sofia or Warsaw

If you prefer urban tourism, winter is also a good opportunity to visit cities much cheaper than the most traditional London, Rome or Paris. Destinations like Bucharest in Romania, Sofia in Bulgaria o Warsaw in Poland can balance the most demanding pocket.

A route by car through the south of France

More options without moving too much, this time by car (own or rental), gives us the south of France. The Midi-Pyrenees, Aquitaine or even Provence region may be the most affordable alternative, especially if your starting point is northern Spain. You can even combine it with a pass through Andorra and ride a winter vacation that combines a car route and ski season.

A spell in Manhattan with a cheap flight

Paula has forced me, I promise. We have just arrived from New York and we must recognize that, although we have not deprived ourselves of anything, it is possible to fit a much tighter budget than is planned at the beginning. Cheap flights, affordable hotels leaving Midtown and the fast food culture on the street can allow you to fulfill a dream.

Ah, what do you say this has hit the lottery? Well, everything! LOL. Are you missing a winter holiday proposal that you would like to be on this list? Are you more ski and snow or heat and beach even at this time?

Isaac and Paula, thinking about winter vacations for 2016