Grand Canyon from Las Vegas by plane


I do not remember what time it was but, yes, it was early morning and we had to leave for the airfield that would take us to take the light aircraft to address us at Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. Whether by helicopter or other type of tour, it is one of the most common and famous excursions.

It was beginning to dawn, the landscape of the city by day really had nothing to do with the magic of the night, unless you were inside a casino, where you couldn't tell what time you were. It looked like a ghost town in the middle of the desert.

Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas by plane

Las Vegas is also called "the city of sin" and the local government and the city's tourism promoters often use the phrase "what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas ”, because the things that are allowed there and in some other areas of the state of Nevada, are not allowed anywhere else in the United States.

East newspaper is counting offline years later (2016) and, unlike the rest, it has more sentimental value than practical data for the traveler (although it can be inspiring), representing that "great trip" that we all have and possibly being the final drop that led a family to be traveling Keys 😉

In the plane from Las Vegas We were four and two Catalan girls, apart from the pilot. The route was fascinating, as you can guess, we flew over the desert and the famous Hoover Dam.

Awesome views of a pharaonic work then. We greatly enjoy the experience of flying over this privileged area of ​​the planet, since the views are worthwhile and are truly spectacular.

I will not deceive you, there was the odd "vomitona" since the pilot inclined the plane from time to time in his eagerness for us to be able to appreciate in all its magnitude the spectacle that was presented before our eyes and that made some of us pass it a little regular.

Once we reached the foot of the Grand Canyon National Park, the walk changed to the nearest point of view, that is, to feel situated on the edge of such cuts, contemplating that impressive and unparalleled panorama.

Grand Canyon National Park around the Colorado River Gorge

The Colorado River crossed the valleys doing justice to its name, since it really takes the color of the road it travels.

There are no words to describe the emotions that can be felt before some places that nature offers us and that many of us have experienced at some point.

The Grand Canyon data is gigantic as it extends over about 450 km long between Lake Powell and Lake Mead and its average depth is 1300 meters with a maximum of more than 2000 meters

The strata tell the story of the North American continent and, possibly, it is one of the most visited in the United States although in the world you can find others perhaps even more impressive

After staying a good part of the morning in the area, we ride in the minibus A part of the park was waiting for us to reach the restaurant where we would have lunch to later return to travel our way back to Las Vegas and enjoy again such a panorama.

It was late afternoon but the day did not end there. It would give us time just to take a shower and get ready. We had planned for a car to pick us up for a complete visit of this city of Las Vegas, that last night we had only smelled. So it was, we picked up a car, without air conditioning, with its guide and corresponding driver. I say this because in this city extreme temperatures are supported, also at night and our walk was very interesting, but the heat was deadly.

We tour casinos with shows, game rooms, dazzling streets invaded by neon lights. We also enter one of the chapels known for the celebration of express weddings in this city, in which at that time one was celebrated.

Anyway, we enjoyed a lot of this kind of thing, which we sensed existed, but we had never seen.

It was twelve o'clock at night when we arrived at the hotel, with a fierce hunger, since we had not tried a bite since midday in the Grand Canyon, due to lack of time. We found by chance an Italian restaurant, about to close, in the commercial center of the talking Roman figures and they offered to serve us some spaghetti with cockles that we devoured in a pee pas.

Now the worst part was coming, they were almost one o'clock in the morning and at five o'clock we had to be in the hotel hall since they would pick us up to go to the airport to catch our plane back home, with a short transfer in New York, city that we could not know on this occasion and that we would leave for another trip (UPGRADE: Ya the trip to New York in Keys).

The trip ended but in our memory there were images that we would never forget and that even after so many years we remember now, finally, always in Keys

Mª Carmen (and the Chavetas family)