Naveta des Tudons, visit the famous prehistoric tomb


Discovering Menorca represents a complete trip full of wild beaches, coves that simulate swimming pools, excellent gastronomy and natural spaces where to get lost but… what if we told you that one of the oldest buildings in Europe better preserved Is here? What if it is also about a funerary building unique in the world? We visited theNaveta des Tudons, he Menorca's most famous prehistoric monument and we tell you our experience in detail, with its history, its schedules and its prices, as well as other points of interest that will surprise you.

Aim! To combine Cala Morell and Ciutadella With Naveta des Tudons it can be a great idea since they are located on nearby roads very well connected around the capital.

Naveta des Tudons, the oldest fully preserved building in Europe

History of the Naveta des Tudons

It was in the middle of the last century when one of the oldest funerary monuments remembered appeared and unearthed in the middle of the island of Menorca. The Naveta des Tudons is a construction of Menorcan prehistory which is believed to have been used between the years 1,200 and 750 B.C.

However, despite having been declared official on June 3, 1931, its current restoration dates from 1960 (after a previous excavation a year earlier) by the team led by María Lluisa Serra and Lluis Pericot, two leading Spanish archaeologists. What were found? An intact facade but with a top floor and apse area collapsed, in addition to an important plunder. Still at least remains of 100 individuals, along with their personal belongings as bronze bracelets, bone and ceramic buttons, they could be recovered and are exhibited today in the Menorca Museum. This also confirmed clear evidence that collective burials were carried out at that time.

Visit of the Naveta des Tudons

After arriving by car to a large parking lot, we leave behind a registration and entrance booth to board a small sandy path that separates us from one of the Menorca's best preserved prehistoric buildings.

With dimensions of 13.6 meters long by 6.4 meters wide, it is currently in perfect condition to be visitedand it is one of the most important tourist claims of the Balearic Islands. The navies form a fundamental part of theTalayotic culture of Menorca.Of course, today access to the interior is prohibited for the safety of visitors themselves.

The word naveta comes from its design as it reminds of a kind of “inverted” ship. For its construction only embedded stones were used, there is no cement. These graves, which can be circular or elongated like this one, They are exclusive to Menorca and that of Es Tudons in particular is one of the longest and largest known.

As we have said before, this set of stacked stones constitutes the Europe's oldest fully preserved building, and allows you to contemplate the prehistoric funerary part in a 360 degree view. A curious fact is that the facade of the ship seems to be missing a stone. Do you want to know why? Popular folklore tells that there were two giants in ancient times who made a competition to win the love of a maiden, it was that one built a Naveta and the other a well, would win the one that first concluded the work but when the giant had found water in his pit he received the blow of the missing ship's stone and fell to him while his opponent fled. Come on, better impossible explanation, hehe

How long does it take? The truth is that knowing Naveta Des Tudons will not take you too much. In about 15 minutes you can discover the entire Naveta and read its anecdotes although between some things and others, reserve 30 minutes just in case.

Practical information to visit Naveta des Tudons in Menorca

How to get to Naveta Des Tudons?

Its location could not be easier since it is located in the Mahón-Ciudadela road, km. 40 (Google Maps)i.e. barely5 minutes from Citadel by car.You already know that we made our entire route through the island in a rental car and we would definitely recommend it for the freedom and flexibility it offers.

At what time can you visit the Naveta Des Tudons?

It is possible to visit the Naveta des Tudons any day from Monday to Sunday at the following times:
- Monday from 09:00 to 14:45 hours.
- From Tuesday to Sunday from 09:00 to 20:30 hours.

What is the ticket price to Naveta Des Tudons?

The prices to date of this article (that we will be updating) to buy the ticket are of:
- Adults: 2.00 euros.
- Children from 8 to 16 years old and over 65: 1.20 euros
- Children under 8 years: Free.

Do you want to visit Naveta Des Tudons without cost? On Mondays, visiting Naveta Des Tudons is totally free. Keep in mind that if you go at peak time of the high season you could find yourself with an abundant queue but do not worry that it advances quickly and it is a visit that looks very fast!

We already know that 2 euros is not much money but, saving a few to a few, then you can spend it on a souvenir (or a turtle for the collection like Paula, haha), don't you think?

What other nearby places of interest can be visited?

As always, we recommend visiting nearby places of interest so you can enjoy your trip more and express your time.

Near the Des Tudons Naveta, and following a beautiful prehistoric route, there are the Talayotic villages of Torrellafuda (2.7 km away) and Torretrencada (3.3 km away) Another option that we enjoyed were the Quarries of S'Hostal, Limthica, very close to just 2 km.

Although, as we mentioned before, for us the perfect day is to combine it with Ciutadella de Menorca and start the day at 5.3 km on the Necropolis and Cala Morell.

Hotels near Naveta des Tudons

In this case we are not going to give you recommended hotels near Naveta des Tudons since the best option would be to stay in your ownCiutadella de Menorca and enjoy a night there (you have many recommendations in your route article). If you prefer to escape from the agglomerations and are looking for tranquility, write the following that we had commented on in the article of Cala Morell:

- Sa Cala Apartments: in Menorca countryside, to 700 meters from the beach of Cala Morell. Rustic-style rooms and apartments with an outdoor pool, garden and terrace. The continental breakfast with regional products is one of the most famous.

Where to eat in the Naveta des Tudons area?

Very close to Naveta des Tudons you have the Morvedra Nou Rural where in addition to staying you can enjoy the typical Menorcan cuisine, with a really interesting combination of flavors. More prominent places near Ciutadella to eat well could be the Fang i Aram Restaurant Vegetarià, Smoix and Mon Restaurant. Our choice? Go directly to the port ofCiutadella de MenorcaAfter spending the morning in Cala Morell and Naveta Des Tudons and enjoying the afternoon in the capital of Menorca starting with the best cuisine of this location

So far our experience in the visit of Naveta des Tudons that we hope will help you to fit in your itinerary just like us and is that the visit to the most famous prehistoric monument in Menorca, unique in the world and the oldest fully preserved building in Europe well deserves a quick but intense stop. Right Paula?

Paula and Isaac, from Naveta des Tudons (Menorca)