Jökulsárlón, the icebergs glacier lake that will hypnotize you


One comes to think that, after traveling so much, it is very difficult for something to surprise you as in those early years. With lost innocence everything is more complex, it is true, but today was the day that breaks that absurd rule. The Jökulsárlón glacier lake or lake (or also icebergs lake) is one of the most beautiful places in Iceland (and the planet), a corner where one feels that one could spend hours just watching and, from now on, my essential place on a route through southern Iceland that you should never miss.

The day also served to contemplate the most spectacular views of the Vatnajokull glacier and do a little trekking to the famous Svartifoss waterfall, whose crystallized basalt columns inspire theReykjavik Hallgrimskirkja Church

Jökulsárlón, the icebergs glacier lake

After the rainy day yesterday, it seems that today a better day has risen in southern Iceland. Touch breakfast, redo the backpack and say goodbye to the cabins of theAsgardur InnThey have hosted us 2 nights in a row. A long 3 and a half hours await us until our first stop today, the furthest point we will be from Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland where we arrived already 5 days ago. Our route of the day It will be similar to the following:

It is shocking to see the effects that a volcano can cause in its path, since its lava has gained large tracts of land to the sea through which the road now runs through gloomy places to observe the devastation at the only stop we faceHvannadalshnúkur, the highest peak in Iceland with its more than 2,100 meters, northeast of the Öræfajökull volcano

The contrast is greater when the famous circular road in Iceland, after leaving Skaftafell and Höfn behind where we will return later, glimpses in the distance a collapsed icebergs lagoon as he had rarely seen her before.

I can't help thinking about the huge two-tongue glacier called Eqaloruutsit that was the origin of the “ice bucket” belonging to the Icebergs Bay in Tasiusaq where we sail by kayak on the trip to Greenland or, going further, that first day in the Antarctic Peninsula after several hard days of Drake Pass when the icebergs and Weddell Sea itself froze in a matter of minutes around us. TheJökulsárlón glacier lagoon is the most famous icebergs glacier lake in Iceland but at this time, in the middle of winter, it is an ice sculpture show to such an extent that the bay completely collapses.

It is said that this glacier lake is few years old, between 60 and 80 really, and it comes from that retreat of the glaciers that we have seen so many times, without going any further yesterday when we walk with crampons through the Sólheimajokull glacier tongue. Here, the collapse of the serac that gives rise to such an occupation of icebergs comes fromBreiðamerkurjökull, a language of the Vatnajökull glacier We see in the distance.

Vatnajökull impresses even seeing it from afar. It is the largest glacier in Iceland and the second in Europe after one in Svalbard and occupies about 8,100 square kilometers and 8% of the territory! There is nothing! These days have been heard many rumblings seen as "ice cubes"

In high season, mainly summer, this place is crossed with a kind of amphibious boats or zodiac As a tourist attraction. Today we think it would be unfeasible even with an icebreaker, haha

It also seems that the depth of the Jökulsárlón glacier lake that does not have a century of life already reaches 160 meters at some points.

The truth is that I find it difficult to describe such a spectacle of nature where turquoise waters, ice sculptures that people would hardly make and perfect ice cubes without oxygen pressed for thousands of years come together to give us the best postcard of Iceland

Its easy access makes it usually one of the most popular sites in Iceland (and in my essential opinion) so if you go in high season write down theFjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon, not as impressive as Jökulsárlón but with much less people, as an alternative

Diamond Beach, the beach of ice diamonds

After seeing some seals swimming near the beach on the icebergs lake of JökulsárlónDamián insists that the show is not over. On the other side of the road, crossing the bridge, there is a small path that leads us to the seashore where there are pieces of ice that have been polished by it and have been stranded in a black beach leaving this landscape of "ice diamonds"

Is about Diamond beach that already existed for a long time but has become fashionable now among tourists.

With the sunlight some of the icebergs that already have an intense bright blue can be amazing. And a sunset? Pouf!

Do you hear the images of one of Beyoncé's latest albums that include a "mysterious beach covered in icebergs"? Well it is here

It is time to leave this art gallery where pieces of white, blue, transparent ice ... intermingle with the black of the sand of the beach and that has served as a stage for the filming of films like Die Another Day with James Bond, Tomb Raider , Beowulf or Batman Begins ...

Svartifoss, the black waterfall on basalt columns

Iceland has four National Parks, Thingvellir, Skaftafell, Snæfellsjökull and Jökulsárgljúfur, of which some of them have already been these days. Today we are in the domains of P.N Skaftafell between Kirkjubaejarklaustur, where we will sleep and Hofn. Our goal is one of the jewels of Iceland, a waterfall that falls on some basalt columns that has inspired another icon but before, Damian decides to make a stop to see the immensity of his glacial tongues falling between the mountains

Skaftafellsjökull is another of the dozens of ramifications that the largest glacier in all of Iceland, the Vatnajokull glacier that also fed Jökulsárlón, leaves as you approach. It is impressive, right?

It has rained heavily but still we will try to face the 4 km round trip (2 hours) of the path "for all audiences" that takes us to Svartifoss from the interpretation center where the parking is

Ascent, descent, well-marked trails and even wooden stairs enter us through beautiful landscapes of the wild Iceland between streams, torrents of water and volcanic earth. The final prize has a unique stamp, a wall in the form of a musical organ formed by basalt columns of dark aspect that they drop a less abundant waterfall but very spectacular in this unique environment… Svartifoss, the black waterfall!

The waterfall should be about 25-30 meters, nothing to do with other views these days, but the scenario is very reminiscent of the one seen inReynisfjara, the black beach of trolls from yesterday. It seems that the sameReykjavik Hallgrimskirkja ChurchIt is inspired by the crystallized basalt columns of this place

Today has been the longest day in terms of kilometers, but another of the great surprises of the trip awaits us. Lost in the lands of Kirkjubæjarklaustur is theGuesthouse Arnardrangur, a detached house overlooking the glacier and the mountain, looks like a real mansion in the countryside and where the whole group will sleep tonight. Damian, what do we prepare for dinner? Today also, in the usual passage through Vinbudin I have decided to buy a bottle of champange (2,090 ISK) to celebrate the good atmosphere of the group even if it is not accompanying time. !Thanks guys!

The Polar Lands expedition continues tomorrow already heading towards the capital again but promises new surprises. TodayJökulsárlón, the icebergs glacier lake, has been a gift in sight and I have no doubt that he will hypnotize you also on your trip. !More tomorrow!

Isaac, from Kirkjubæjarklaustur (Iceland)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 2,090 ISK (approx. 17.42 EUR)