Keypad of Japan (downloadable PDF guide)


After popular request from many travelers who wanted to keep an eye on the guide that we took, and although we DIDN'T THINK TO PUBLISH IT, the promise is debt and here we make our "CHAVETAS.ES Guide of the trip to Japan 2008"which, combined with theJapan Rail Pass, it will make your life easier.

We carry the guide divided into 3 A5 notebooks, and so we will paste it here. The reason is that we divide the trip into three stages of tours:

- GUIDE I - STAGE I: Based in Kyoto, and visits to Kyoto itself, Inari, Nara, Osaka, Okayama, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Himeji, Mt.Sosha and Kobe
- GUIDE II - STAGE II: Without base (the smallest and most manageable guide), en route through Kanazawa, Shirikawago, Takayama, Hakone to Tokyo
- GUIDE III - STAGE III: Based in Tokyo and visits to the capital, Nikko, Kamakura and Yokohama

The guides are a bit varied compared to the ones we use but almost nothing. We have taken personal data, modified some schedule or correction that contained some error regarding the experience we had and with everything we were writing down on the trip. We hope you take advantage of it just as we did.

Of course, always keep one thing in mind, these guides are nothing more than A COLLECTION OF INFORMATION taken from internet, from a multitude of sites (,,, the blog of algogoku, thermal information, personal blogs, online japanese guides, lonelyplanet, etc ...) .This, speaking in silver, means which is a compilation that all these people, with their travels and their experiences have made us let's make the trip as we have dreamed and fulfilled.

But this guide is from our trip, and possibly no two are alike. So whenever you can, personalize your trip yourself with all the information you can. A journey begins from the moment you choose your next destination.

We also wanted to comment on a series of points:

- Do not take a guide to the letter. It is an orientation of places to take advantage of time, but "free will" and "improvisation" It is essential in any trip
- He planning of these guides is viable (since we have done it) but there are more physical days than others. For example, Osaka's day was exhausting.
- If you are going to make your own guide, check schedules, dates, routes and visits since they can vary according to the day you want to do or the time of the year.
- The reading is not very careful, nor was it intended. At no time was it going to be published.
- WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR ANY ECONOMIC BENEFIT with the publication of this guide. We are a couple of travelers who only look for leisure and fun and share experiences.
- We firmly believe that a trip consists of 3 parts: the Pre-trip (which is to choose everything that the trip entails, the dates, the itinerary, look for flights, make your own guide, ...), trip (It's the adventure, the moment when all that becomes an experience, the heyday) and the Post-trip (The trip does not end on the last day of the trip, but then comes the time to assimilate everything, collect photos, make yourself a photobook, share experiences, write in the forums ...). With all this we want to say that you use this guide as you want but keep in mind whenever IT IS YOUR JOURNEY AND HOW TO MAKE IT IN THE MOST PERSONAL POSSIBLE WAY.

Well, we don't roll up, the links to download are the following:

* DOWNLOAD GUIDE-I (Collection of days 1-7. Use SAVE AS ...)
DAY 1 - DAY 2 - DAY 3 - DAY 4 - DAY5 - DAY6 - DAY7 * DOWNLOAD GUIDE-II (Collection of days 8-11. Use SAVE AS ...)
DAY8 - DAY9 - DAY10 - DAY 11

* DOWNLOAD GUIDE-III (Collection of days 8-11. Use SAVE AS ...)
DAY12 - DAY 13 - DAY14- DAY15- DAY 16- DAY 17

Greetings to all and happy trip to Japan