History of Japan (for a flight to Osaka)


Japan, the "Country of the Rising Sun", is nowadays one of the economic powers of this immense world, it is a different civilization, it is ... !! another planet !!! and not at all the result of chance. The path of a flight to Osaka from Spain (remember that we entered through Osaka and left through Tokyo) goes a long way, even to learn a little Japan history even in its version for "dummies" or "sporadic travelers".REMASTERIZED 2017

Flight to Osaka from Spain with Air France

4:00 in the morning and I'm already on my way to Vigo Airport where, by the way, plasticizing the suitcase is impossible, having to wait for the scale to do so. A small breakfast (€ 4.45), the Air France boarding call and a short ride have put me around 10:00 in the morning at ...!Paris "mon amour" !! (suitcase packed for € 5 in the T2F) although today we will not have room to go down to a city that we love (you already have our stories online trip to Paris)

What is incredible is to see how the Airports work on August 1. We had! 4 hours of margin! and we almost consumed them all:
- 40 Min to go from the 2D terminal to 2F
- 40 Min to plasticize the suitcase
- 60 Min to finally be able to check in
- 30 min more to pass the "anti-doping" control

Finally, we had some time to eat one of those fantastic tuna tortilla sandwiches that are still faithful on the trips (and how delicious!) Accompanied by a beer and a water (€ 7.70). Of course, boarding was delayed about 30 minutes because of another flight to Algiers. Look at 777-300 of Air France !! As a child he has nothing ...

However, it seems that we are in luck because the flight to Osaka that has just taken off will recover the delay on the fly

The history of Japan (for a flight to Osaka)

Reading a bit of Japan history In the long flight that takes me from Paris to Osaka, you realize that it is not only a country rich in culture and traditions, but in a long trajectory since its first indications of civilization there in the prehistoric age or Senshi (VII BC). Let's see if we are able to contextualize a little, which always comes in handy ...

Between the Senshi and the Ancient Age, in the Genshi, Japan becomes the second country in East Asia in political and cultural activities but it is in the Ancient Age or Kodai (Asuka, Nara and Heian Period) when the continent's influences get stronger. Buddhism and Confucianism penetrate Japanese society.

Comes the Middle Ages or Shusei and with her the Kamakura period with a great civil war (1185) that places the Shogun in power. Stability is relative as the Muromachi Period It is marked by numerous feudal wars outside the Shogun power.

The greatest splendor of Japan's history is yet to come and it is in the Modern Age or Kindai when movements begin for the reunification of the country that is achieved with the domination of the samurai and the Edo period (1600) where a balance is reached between Shogun and Daimyo based on oppression (It is important because we will see much of this period). In spite of this, two centuries of peace but isolation of the country with the rest of the world are achieved. Hence the vast majority of samurai movies are based on this era.

This peace ends the pressures of British, Russians, Americans who, in their search for new markets, threaten Shogun's weakness and end the signing of a treaty that leaves Japan at a disadvantage. The Meiji Restoration (1868) of total opening of borders and knowledge. Japan is westernized. We all know the movie "The last Samurai" based on full Meiji restoration.

A fruitful industrial journey makes Japan a military power that confronts China in 1895, Russia in 1905, Korea in 1910 and the Showa period (1926). It is precisely in this one where another famous film is set, "Memories of a Geisha", in the pre-war. Ultranationalism leads Japan to a confrontation with the United States and its allies in the World War II.

The Contemporary age of the Japanese country begins with the defeat of 1945, after the atomic bombing that we will sadly see in our visit to Hiroshima. The demilitarization and a long and powerful post-war condemn Japan to devastating years but the great capacity of this nation, its education and its economy have returned it to what it is today ... a great world power!

This quick walk through the "life" of Japan I guess there will be boring more than one but for history lovers it is a good starting point to start this trip: Samurais, Geishas ... At the end of the day, what do you want we tell you about 12 hours we spent "canned" traveling? Hehehe ...

It goes without saying the plane very well, both in kindness and treatment, as in the screens with games, movies in Spanish (we saw 2), as (look what I say) !! The appetizer and dinner they gave us !! We also take the opportunity to prepare the immigration paper (they give it to us on the flight itself to cover) and see in the GPS of the plane the route that we were doing for the Baltic, Russia, China

Of the history of Japan you can read much more on one's ownJapan LonelyPlanet That is quite complete. Meanwhile, the night was upon us and you know what that means on a flight over the clouds ... Good evening! zZzZz

Isaac, in flight to Japan

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