Rashev Minotel in Veliko Tarnovo


We continue the review of our stays in thetrip to Bulgaria and the road takes us toVeliko Tarnovo, the considered (by many) most beautiful city of Bulgaria, apart from being considered as the capital of the medieval tsars. We bring you our review about our choice, the Minotel Rashev hotel (now Family Hotel Yatrus), in case we can help you decide and this way you will have more options to sleep in Veliko Tarnovo. We hope that our opinion Be useful.

We would only be a few hours in this city so our goal was to find a hotel that would allow us to "kick it" to the fullest, that is, in the middle, so to speak of everything (located in the old area).

Hotel Minotel Rashev (now Family Hotel Yatrus) in Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko TarnovoIt is divided by the Yantra River which causes a "composition" of four zones (Old Town, New Town, Tzarevetz and Sveta Gora). What is clear is that we are already entering a tourist area one hundred percent.

The hotel Minotel Rashev (now Family Hotel Yatrus)in Veliko Tarnovo it is an old house converted into a family hotel or hostel with an incentive that gives it a distinction with other hotels in the area ... its restaurant located at the top of the hotel! with incredible views of the city that also allows you to enjoy the sunset over the fortress, a true wonder.

We are in the heart of the historic center of Veliko Tarnovo and, therefore, close to many places of interest…

- The medieval fortress of Tsarevetsjust in front
- He Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport, 20 minutes
- Historical monuments and tourist places like the church of the 40 Martyrs, a medieval church of the most emblematic of Veliko Tarnovo and that is at the foot of the fortress, 5 minutes away
- Another nearby place is Trapezitsa, the 2nd fortress of the city center, located on the right bank of the Yantra river. History shows that Trapezitsa welcomed the residential of the rich and noble Bulgarians, 10 minutes
- He Ivaylo Stadium, 5 minutes by car

The rooms They are very spacious. It looks like a mini apartment that has air conditioning, free Wi-Fi available throughout the establishment and TV.

Also has private bathroom which, by the way ... has a screen! The surprise comes because it is the first place where we have seen it these days and it is very rare that it does not have the typical Bulgarian shower, although the sure answer lies in the fact of being the tourist city. Also, if you wish, it has a set of hot drinks, a seating area with sofas and a balcony with magnificent views of the fortress.

The cleaning It is always to order throughout the establishment although it has the facilities a bit old. In our opinion they would need a little reform or a little more exhaustive maintenance that is forgiven at the moment you look out on the balcony

The Minotel Rashev (now Family Hotel Yatrus) has a charming panoramic restaurant where continental breakfast is included in the price and dinner is very affordable. It is located at the top. Breakfast has a variety of options. Dinner includes three dishes to choose from, first a soup, then a salad and, finally, you choose a main dish among the typical Bulgarian varieties.

He personal he is kind and attentiveand, like almost everyone, they speak four languages: Russian, Spanish, English and Bulgarian.

The hotel does not offer free parkingBut you can easily find a place if you don't go at peak times. It has the gym service for those who do not want to interrupt their training on vacation, as well as abussiness center, conference rooms and a reception that will attend you at all hours.

Verdict of the Hotel Minotel Rashev in Veliko Tarnovo, our opinion

Speaking in economic terms, the hotel for the mentioned amenities has excellent value for money which, depending on the season and type of room, vary between 20 and 50 euros. You can check it for your dates in ...

The hill

As PROs highlights, above all, its Location in front of the Fortress, one of the great essentials of Veliko Tarnovo, the restaurant and the price

As AGAINST Main that, in general, the whole hotel needs a small renovation. This gives the feeling of a certain carelessness supplied by its strengths.

Would we recommend it? YES. If you plan to visit the city of passage, the Minotel Rashev (now Family Hotel Yatrus) in Veliko TarnovoIt is very good in practically all the valuable terms, from being cheap, central and at the same time that it is clean in addition to its added values ​​in this case. It is not the one we liked most of all but we would repeat it.

Isaac and Paula, from the Minotel Rashev in Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria)