Hotel Neven in the Rila Monastery


One of the objectives of our trip to Bulgaria It has been that essential visit that we did not want to miss, the jewel of this wonderful country for us, the Rila Monastery. With this thought, we had fitted it the second day of our route but today it is not the objective of this article, since at the time we tell you in detail. What we want to talk about is where to sleep to visit the Rila MonasteryHow much you asked us. Today we bring you the review about the Hotel Neven, withour opinion About this simple family home.

After shuffling several options, we chose one that is very close to the monastery with object early to see very early and without people, since they say it is the best moment where you can really breathe the tranquility and silence that the monastery transmits. For that reason we needed an accommodation that would allow us to arrive in a short time beyond a charming place.

Hotel Neven in Rilski Manastir or Rila Monastery

He Hotel Neven is located in Rilski, surrounded by mountains and different hiking trails for mountaineering and trekking lovers, where the Musala mountain stands out, the highest peak in Bulgaria.

We arrived almost at sunset huge family house converted into a hotel but very simple and with little taste. Of course, the unbeatable location and prices too.

Places near the Hotel Neven:

- Rila Mountain, where the Rila Monastery is located, the largest in the country, founded in the 10th century, is considered one of the most important cultural, architectural and historical places.
- The seven lakes of Rila, One of the main hiking trails in the country. All lakes have names according to their characteristics: Salzata (drops of crying) is the highest lake, it is named because of its clear water that allows visibility in depth.Okoto (the eye) With a perfectly oval shape and second in height, the third lake is Babreka which means "the kidney" due to its shape. The fourth is Bliznaka which means "the twin", is shaped like a sand clock narrowed in the middle and in the arid years it melts to form two small lakes, hence its name. The fifth lake is Trilistnika which means "clover" and the next lake is Ribnoto which means "the lake of the fish". The last and lowest lake is Dolnoto which means "bass."
- Other nearby mountains is Kartala, Low cost place, it is the favorite of the Bulgarian freeriders, drive 15 minutes
- Also a few minutes you can practice different activities such as fishing and hiking.

The Neven Hotel We could define it as a large family house with a need for quite large reform but with enviable views in the countryside, surrounded by mountains and with an esplanade shared with other hotels that will allow you to park without problems. We can say that we are facing a very, very peculiar hotel of very simple rooms but great for dinner and, of course, to get up early and arrive in a very short time to the most famous Monastery in Bulgaria.

It has 12 very simple rooms that have virtually no furniture (except for a small TV that does not work too well), they have their own spacious bathroom with typical bulgarian shower, a square inside the bathroom without dividing from the rest of the room. This is a bit awkward since you end up flooding everything.

They are divided as follows:

  • Double room.
  • Triple room.
  • Quadruple room.

Refering to cleaning, we could not give it a good note since it seems that they have a little abandoned but to spend a night it may be worth it. They do have internet throughout the establishment.

You access the rooms on one side leaving the main entrance with virtually no use.

The Neven Hotel houses a restaurant, Without a doubt the great and pleasant surprise of this hotel, which serves typical food from Bulgaria made with products from a local farm. So you can also taste homemade products made on site, such as yogurt and honey. You can also serve a dietary menu on request.

The truth is that we had a wonderful dinner. The food was delicious and plentiful. Being in summer we were outside where they have tables near the kitchen that allow you to dine in the cool of the night and with beautiful views.

It also has a yard where you can relax that has a playground and a terrace. In good weather you can use the barbecue for cooking, which also has. Special meals or dinners are held regularly at the hotel.

Has shuttle service, just like him bicycle rental. As for the personal,say that in general they speak 4 languages, from Russian to French, English and Bulgarian. Are very kind and willing to satisfy in everything that can, although much more serious than in other places where we were. We were lucky because the cook spoke Spanish because he had worked for a few years in Spain, so we had no doubts about what we should ask for dinner, hehehe.

Verdict of the Neven Hotel in Rila Monastery, our opinion

We are talking about prices of 20-25 EUR per room and night, whereby the limitations are compensated with a low price. Check availability directly at…

Hotel Neven

As PROs, highlights its unbeatable views of the mountains, its location near the Rila Monastery and its restaurant. To mention something else we can talk about its price that is very good and its excellent restaurant service.

As against, the rooms too simple without almost furniture, the walls and doors of the rooms are "paper" so you will hear even the slightest noise, cleanliness is not entirely correct, too hot in the rooms (at least in the Our windows could not be opened so that no air could enter the room). In general it needs a reform to get it ready since the little pros it has are very important.

Would we recommend it? It depends. Yes for its strategic location near the Rila Monastery and for his restaurant but nothing more. It can only be used as overnight accommodation, if this is what you are looking for Hotel Neven is recommended. Of course, in our opinion, to say that if we ever repeat we would try to find other alternatives.

Isaac and Paula, from the Hotel Neven in the Rila Monastery (Bulgaria)