Wineries in Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia (and cable car)


Surely if you have read our DAY1 and DAY2, after organizing "What to see in Porto (with maps and planning)"and continue enjoying and his night of"New Year's Eve in Porto", you miss something. Where are the wineries in Porto, its wine tasting or the charming town of Vila Nova de Gaia? Possibly it is a route that you could incorporate yesterday afternoon (if it were not New Year's Eve at night) but we have taken the opportunity to make it a very relaxed January 1.

By the way, there is an attraction (perhaps expensive) that we loved and is to climb in the scenic cable car of Vila Nova de Gaia late afternoon.

Vila Nova de Gaia, an extension of Porto itself

The hangover of yesterday night and the effect "laziness" that causes the sound of rain when hitting the window of the room, have caused us to get up at around 11:30, something rare in our travels, taking advantage of it began To clear the sky. Again, the funicular (2.50 EUR / person) that communicates the area of ​​Batalha where we stayed with the lower part of the Luis I Bridge has been the one that has put us on the road

We must recognize that it is an expensive experience for 3 minutes of travel but that leaves another perspective of the most beautiful area of ​​the city, the one that bathes the Duero River

The same as today we will go through the lower part of the Luis I Bridge (1) towards the so-called population of Gaia or Vila Nova de Gaia which, although part of the metropolitan area of ​​Porto, is actually an independent population. Our route has also been very simple and well connected

The water has stopped and there is a lot of atmosphere on both banks. La Ribeira already showed us its charm the first day, but the walk along Diogo Leite Avenue (2), parallel to the river and full of stands where they sell boat trips on the Douro (ideal for better times of the year) or tickets for the wineries in Porto, although some remain closed today, we could not miss it

From here you can see better than from anywhere the colorful houses of the lower part of Porto and the steep streets that go up to the Cathedral that "watches" the city from above

And why visit Vila Nova de Gaia? The answer, for all who look where they are, are the visits and tastings of the famous wineries in Porto de vino, Croft, Real Companhia Vella, Ramos Pinto, Cockburn's, Offley, Taylor's, Ferreira or Sandeman ...

However, we who have not even had breakfast today, after the walk we have looked for somewhere to eat. We brought the famous Bacalhoeiro, on the same main street, but being closed we opted for another that looked very good ...

... and more "enxebre" (which is said in Galicia -rustic-) ... the!Taberninha do Manel!

GASTRONOMY OF PORTO: Taberninha do Manel, a typical tavern, small and cozy with one of the best gastronomies

The place is completely unique, lined in stone, with a decoration of old objects almost of collectors that gives a touch of distinction to the restaurant

And the typical dishes? If we have not burst it is because we had not had breakfast. Tops of pork and meat dumplings or the typical Portuguese sausage, which is nothing more than a croquette dish with game meat served in the form of sausage and which is one of the great discoveries of these days

But it has not been less Roast sausage which is done on the same table over fire while the waiters, skilfully, go around while they serve other tables

And how climax? That "Bacalhau à Brás" could not miss, typical dish of the Portuguese cuisine consisting of desalted cod the day before scrambled with egg, very thin potatoes and served with parsley and black grapes that reminds us a lot of what we tried in Macao years before in a tavern of this style.

After getting up, we barely paid 29.30 EUR, drink included, which seems like a great price. Those looking for something lighter also have snacks and tapas

It was time for dinner and a dessert and coffee (6 EUR) on the banks of the Duero was the best option we were considering

Wineries in Porto, an essential wine tasting during your visit

We must recognize that we would not be writing this article if it were not for Maria (thank you very much) who advised us a winery in Porto that opened this day 1 of New Year while the most famous Calem, Ferreira or Sandeman remain closed

Thus we lose ourselves in its picturesque streets that are well worth a walk.

But what Porto winery to choose? We tell you all the possibilities

Wineries in Porto: Do not forget that the wine cellar area is in Vila Nova de Gaia. Although they appear on the route map we list them

  • Ferreira Winery: Created in 1751 and one of the most beautiful and recommended visits. Its price is € 5 but it allows combined admission with Offley and Sandeman for € 9 Address: Rua Da Carvalhosa, 19
  • Sandeman Winery: Another of the famous, with price € 4 and previous combination. Address: Largo Miguel Bombarda, 3
  • Ramos Pinto: Founded in 1880. Good visit for € 2. Address: Av. Ramos Pinto, 380
  • Bodegas Quevedo (now called Quinta Santa Eufemia): Much younger but with the cable car they give you a tasting with them (€ 5 for two tastings is another option that Xandra tells us) in addition to being free admission to the top where you eat something while listening to fado. Excellent option Address: R. de Santa M.nha 77
  • Taylor s: Another of the most visited. Price of € 5. Address: Rua do Choupelo nº 250
  • Croft Winery: Its origins date back to 1588. The visit costs € 5. Address: Vila Nova de Gaia, Rua Barão de Forrester nº412.
  • Cockburn's Port Wine Lodge: Another historical. The tour with tasting is € 3. Address: Rua Serpa Pinto 346
  • Real Companhia Velha: Free visit with the Porto Card but remote in Rua de Azevedo Magalhães, 314
  • W. & J. Graham's, Dated 1820 but quite remote. Address: R. Rei Ramiro 514
  • Offley Forrester Wineries: Founded in 1737. Price of 2.5 euros and allows combined option. Address: Rua do Choupelo, 54
  • Wiese & Krohn: Relatively young (early 20th century) but free, tasting included. Address: Rua Serpa Pinto, 149

Our choice, forced by the few open options but also with the recommendation of Mary, has been the Quevedo-now called Quinta Santa Eufemia- (3).

We can't be more grateful. Not only is it a perfect place to taste wine in a well-kept winery in Porto, but also where We would recommend going before lunch to the "previous wine" session accompanied by some olives or ham

... or later - as we have done - to enjoy a free fado and enjoy your ambience

A tasting of 4 different bottles of port wine and an hour of enjoyment for 9 EUR both (although you can not drink anything if you wish)

In the afternoon we return to the riverside area, increasingly lively. Those who go to Porto on January 1 do not hesitate to choose the area of ​​Ribeira de Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia or Praça da Batalha since the rest (as we would see later in Av. Allies or the most famous shopping street) were completely abandoned to their fate.

I played the hard part of the day, climb to the upper area where we stayed… Or maybe not?

Cable car of Vila Nova de Gaia, beyond the wineries in Porto

We had not read too much of the cable car in Vila Nova de Gaia (4) and it is possible that this led us to be a surprise. It is expensive, especially since it lasts just 5 minutes, everything must be said (10 EUR), but it is one of the best attractions that part of the estuary offers beyond the wineries in Porto you are looking for and, above all, the panoramic

The night begins to fall on the city and the photos are not the best we could have taken (today we have not lowered the Nikon either) but if enough to convey the feeling we want to show you.

But even beyond the cable car itself, it is in this area under the Serra do Pilar Monastery (5) where you get the best views of this area.

If this morning we have passed the Luis I Bridge underneath, now we have to go to the top part whose use is only for pedestrians and for the light rail that takes you to the Allies in just 2 stops.

He Luis I Bridge was designed by Teófilo Seyri, that he won't tell you anything like that if we don't tell you that he was a disciple of Gustave Eiffel, and it dates back to 1886, which is said soon. It has a huge metal arch that supports both heights and is another attraction in itself

At left margin, as we return to Porto, we can appreciate all perspectives of Ribeira and Gaia, which more beautiful at this time of night with the lights already on

To the opposite side, perhaps less photogenic, we can see the funicular by which we go down in the morning and another bridge that gives superior access to vehicles decongesting the city

We leave behind Jardim do Morro, beautiful and quiet at this time of day, and the Serra do Pilar Monastery, of circular plan and endless stories for those who get up early one day like today

However, our hangover does not allow us to face a much longer day, so after strolling through the highlands of Porto without finding any animation one day like today, we decided to return to the Moov Hotel Porto Centro whose location we are delighted, next to everything. Tomorrow we will get up early to head to Guimaraes and Braga, a typical excursion for those who visit Porto, but we will tell you that in another story.

Paula and Isaac, from Porto (Portugal)