The Bulgarian paradise concept


Do you remember the articles "the maldivian concept of paradise"or"the Mayan concept of paradise"(Hopefully we have many to do this type, hehe) where we talked about how is a day in those heavenly places that we all have idealized? Well after two days in the Black Sea has seemed fair to tell you about "the Bulgarian concept of paradise", very forgotten by Spanish tourism.

Saving distances and in a country still in the process of evolution, we are in a small corner of the coast where relaxation, the beach and the sun make an appearance every day in the middle of August (! And there are no mosquitoes!)

A necessary massage after a car route

Although we will talk to you long and hard in a future review ofLong Beach Hotel Spa Where we stayed, it is also fair to say that we have made the right choice with the difficult choice. When someone talks about the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, areas such as Burgas, Varna, Albena or Sunny Beach emerge, but searching for an extensive sea line can be found true isolated corners of mass tourism.

It's been a while too (possibly since Riviera Maya) that we did not carry the "All Inclusive" bracelet That makes you forget worries. Buffet restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner, open bar of all kinds of drinks without exception (here is the Bulgarian white rum and vodka).

Just 50 meters away is a small path from the hotel itself that gives us access to a great white sand beach where we have sun loungers and umbrellas available and a bar for drinks and food (the open bar does not work here)

Although these first days we have left the beach aside to "take care a little" our punished backs. The last section of the route by car through Bulgaria with worse roads has left us dusty.

Paula's notes:

The Long Beach Resort & Spa Spa has all kinds of rooms. Obviously in addition to his own jet circuit also a spectacular hairdresser, a gym and many rooms for treatments and massages although it is already noted that we have entered the tourist area because prices are "European" (divide by 2 for prices in euros). Some examples:

- Organic Algae Hamam Massage… 90 min / 120 BGN
- Detoxication Herb Massage… 90 min / 130 BGN
- Hydratting Massge… 50 min / 90 BGN
- Anti-Cellulite Massage… 35 min / 70 BGN
- All kinds of exotic ... 50-60 min / 100-140 BGN
- All types of facials… 60 min / 120 - 250 BGN
- All types of body treatments… 45-60 min / 60 - 100 BGN

And some tens more. We were clear about what we wanted before entering

The name of the chosen one has been "Therapist Back Massage" (35 min, 70 BGN each), an intense massage that uses muscle recovery techniques and relaxes their tension ... and so much so. Ufs, we have come out "ironed"

The both lunch and dinner buffets They are very complete and are developed inside the main restaurant (there is another "label" where you can go one night on your All Inclusive days), which next to the Spa with all its facilities, the reception, two shops, some play area for children and others still to be discovered, are part of the complex's urbanization

Virtually all Resort partners are Bulgarian and Russian, main tourists in the area, although we have been excited to hear a familiar voice. There are other Spaniards staying with us.

Luxury apartments and absolute relaxation

Although it does not dispense with all the services that any hotel or resort can have, theLong Beach Hotel Spa has opted to provide travelers with a IMMENSE apartment for your vacation where those who prefer to escape from the "all inclusive" have even a kitchen to make a purchase (we have brought water, milk and something else for 9.10 BGN) and make "life". A room larger than our house, an imposing terrace, a long corridor that leads to the entrance and bathroom and a room with a dressing room, complete "our home"

And the relax? Three options: spa, pool and beach. As the sun has already made an appearance again and will not leave us until we return to Sofia we have decided these days enjoy the first two although the beach, also visited, will do the following.

We had some idea of ​​a route through the North, Burgas or Nessebar, as we mentioned in the previous account of Sozopol, but we believe that except for Nessebar for its charm and heritage, the rest do not make enough weight in the balance before such a "Bulgarian concept of paradise"

Ahhhh! In a small and short story to tell you this corner of Shkorpilovtsi (who is able to pronounce it at the first we invite you to a beer) could not miss the open bar. Cocktails with alcohol, without alcohol, coffees and teas, beers, all kinds of whiskeys, rums, vodkas and even tequila, although the main ones are the "Cuba Libre" with Bulgarian white rum and one "hummingbird" that you don't ask us what he wears but he is rich.

We will tell you more about this area of ​​beaches and relaxation unknown to many but for those who plan A summer trip to Bulgaria will certainly not disappoint. !! A toast for you! or as one would say here ... !! Наздраве !! (Family, it goes without saying that we are phenomenal so "I won't worry you")

Isaac and Paula from the Black Sea (Bulgaria)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 149.10 BGN (approx. 76.46 EUR)