What to see in Funchal


I must admit that if Madeira already caught my attention before leaving, the crowd of levadas routes and of island excursions They are tricking me. Today, however, it is time to focus on the possibilities what to see in Funchal, its capital, which are far from few, including being a starting point for a very particular sighting.

However, we will leave for tomorrow what we have left. If you are looking for the experience of cable car, botanical garden and carreiros in "wicker basket" you will find it in the next article.

What to see in Funchal?

As always, the best way to locate us is a small introductory summary of the possibilities that exist to see in Funchal

Cultural and historical attractions. Churches and convents of the 15th century, Fortress of Sao Tiago, Rúa de Santa María, Catedral da Sé, Casco Histórico, Barrio de San Pedro ...
Markets. Lavradores Market, fish market.
Museums Madeira Story Center, Freitas Fréderico House Museum, Quinta das Cruzes House Museum, Museum of Electricity, Museum of Photography, Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Sacred Art, Municipal Museum of Funchal and Aquarium, Museum of the City of Açúcar.
Adegas or Wine Cellars. Old Blandy's Wine Lodge.
Gardens. Botanical Garden. Jardim do Almirante Reis.
Mountain. Cableway. Carreteiros.
Santa Catarina Park. Ideal to go with children.
Embroidery factory by Patricio & Gouveia.
Helicopter overflight. For the most passionate.
Whale watching and of the coast. Dolphins, whales and the most impressive cliffs, leaving from the port of Funchal.
Nightlife Bars and discos that remain open until 4 in the morning and nightclubs that open after 4 in the morning until dawn
A New Year's Eve night? They say that Funchal enjoys the most spectacular fireworks in the world, although this will not be proven for now.

Between today and tomorrow we will try to enjoy some of them and take a vision, at least partial, of the main

A cultural walk through the city

It is possible that the best way to get to know a culture or a history is always a museum. In Funchal the name of this one (among many others there are) is Quinta das Cruzes Museum, installed in the former residence of the Morgados das Cruzes.


Although I admit that except the great internationally recognized museums I am not a great lover of them, one thing that has become clear to me in the 500 years of evolution of the islands, is the great influence of European and Oriental decorative arts, especially British during the S.XVIII and S.XIX


In addition to objects of great value (watches, crockery, furniture) and some wooden relief with more than 4 centuries of life, the most remarkable have been its gardens and chapel, in addition to its large mechanized music box that still works.

Going out and down the street they go through several historic buildings, churches and convents of the 15th century, the Cathedral of Sé and a very avenue set on a day like today where in one of its most historic snack bars we will eat something fast, near the Bank of Portugal, in whose dark volcanic stone building, the nature of the island is appreciated.


If yesterday I talked to you about Ainara and Ignacio, and everything I've learned with them these days, today I'm going to talk about a great member of the group.Cris seems to me one of those people who are called "walking heart" for the passion it puts on everything. These days I have learned much more about the situation that a journalist is going through in this country (like many other professions) but I am still surprised by his ability to "not stop", always active and writing, always pointing every detail or capturing that photo of information We don't see others. I am sure that he loves his work on all things ... and, although my perspective cannot come to understand the reason for certain situations, I am sure it will not take long to fulfill many dreams.

What I miss! !! The hour !! Running to the Marina, where one of our new experiences in the capital of Madeira comes from ... We are going to look for cetaceans!

Dolphin and whale watching and marine perspective

No more than 13'45 we left our company boat Broken Two Cetaceans in search of those "animalejos" that have already become so habitual in our chronicles (you can see us swimming with whales in Tonga, with Dolphins in pool in Riviera Mayaas well as diverse dolphin sightings in Wasini and somewhere else)


Rotate two Cetaceans: Marina Shopping-Infante Shopping Center, Funchal / Telephone: +351 918 828 242 / Email: email protected
Seaborn: Nautisantos Kiosk - Funchal Marina / Telephone: +351 291 231 312 or +351 919 916 221 / Email: email protected
Santa Maria de Colombo: Funchal Marina / Telephones: +351 291 220 327 or +351 291 225 695 / Email: email protected
Sea pleasure: Kiosk in the Funchal Marina / Telephone +351 291 224 900 or +351 963 796 860 / Email: email protected
Pretty Da Madeira: Bonita's Kiosk, in the Marina of Funchal / Telephone: +351 291 762 218 or +351 919 183 829 / Email: email protected
Ventura Do Mar: Marina de Funchal / Telephone: +351 963 390 796/8 or +351 291 280 033 / Email: email protected
Gaviao Madeira: Marina de Funchal / Telephone: +351 291 241 124 or +351 919 587 915 / Email: email protected

The history of Madeira, however, begins with the terrible whaling between 1940 and 1980 although today, thanks in part to companies like this, a philosophy of environmental conservation has been achieved, which by the way is beautiful at this time of the midday.


Although other boats do this type of catamaran or sailboat tours (even the pirate ship that Cris likes so much and seems to see everywhere, haha), we go in a kind of speedboat and in just 45 minutes we find the first dolphins.


The waters of Madeira's coast is home to several types of dolphin, whale and other cetacean species. In fact they tell us that yesterday they saw even sperm whales, although we are not going to have the same fate.

When we read about the experience we knew there was possibility to swim with dolphins. What we never imagined is what was to come. Ignacio and Isaac dare with the challenge and following the instructions of the instructors, we descend slowly leaning on the side of the boat. At that moment he starts to chase after the "common" dolphins and for a moment we are almost more worried about "surviving" and not letting go of the rope and being able to breathe, than to see something around us.


Dolphins, what is called dolphins, we barely see them by our side for a few seconds in our second "dive" ... although I think the experience would have won if we had given up and let go of the rope. Or not, Ignacio? LOL

By the way, those who intend to take pictures with the boat stopped, it would not hurt any biodramina prior to the trip. Surely "some" knows why I say it, hehe.


It must be recognized that dolphins are one of the most adorable animals on the planet, those that you take care of just by seeing them. These are small, but there are several species that we see later.

!! Tryaaaaa superadaaaaaaaaa !! Although we are not going to deny that perhaps we had a better time in the return "jumping the waves" (and leaving our backs) than with the experience itself


A brief step by the hotel that will shelter us tonight, puts us on the road again ... Paraditas? !!For what!!

Tukxi, a different and ecological perspective of traveling Funchal

Do you want a fun, ecological and different way to travel Funchal? It would never have occurred to me! It is a company that gives a twist to traditional visits and offer an innovative perspective with a Tuk Tuk of doing City Tours from € 20 (3 people max.) for 30 minutes, to € 50 (3 people max.) for 2 hours.


We will do the 45-minute Castello Tour, which after a brief passage through more modern streets, initially brings us closer to the beautiful views of the Pico Fortress, a citadel that has undergone numerous changes located 111 meters above sea level.


After this stop, we return to the streets of the Old Town, leaving aside the Museum of Cruzes seen in the morning, the convent of S.Clara, the Church of San Pedro, Av. Arriaga or the Municipal Gardens.


This unique experience ends in the Santa Catarina Park, where there is a second stop and a good place to breathe the halo of the sunset before returning to the starting point.

Hotel The Vine, a hotel with soul, like good wine

With that promising slogan, the Boutique Hotel awarded the "Leading Design Hotel in the World", he Hotel The Vine (COMPLETE ARTICLE HERE) He welcomes us among his suggestive panoramic pool, his exquisite design and revolutionary concept since 2008. What can I say? Hallucinating as I go through their different rooms

The rooms they take care of every detail in the decoration, hiding surprises in every corner, hiding the plugs, turning on the lights with our movements, or enjoying whirlpools or waterfall showers.


Although we will go into more detail in future articles, if the room already leaves us dazzled, what you reserve your roof does not leave anyone indifferent. A small pool and a jacuzzi, accompanied by a bar, restaurant and hammocks, all with exceptional views of Funchal, leave the rest to the imagination. We will have to try it, what do you guys say? (Some of us reserve but Cris doesn't miss the sunset this first night)


Doca Do Cavacas, a dinner facing the Atlantic

When I travel, no one cheats if I recognize that there are days that surprise me as they can give so much of themselves. Patented by Funchal, museums, whale watching, Tukxi, a design hotel ... what could complete such a day? Doca Do Cavacas!

In the westernmost part of Funchal and in a privileged location at the foot of the ocean, there is a small and picturesque seafood restaurant, which was going to bring us one of the best meals of all these days. Caldeirada of fish, prawns, all kinds of seafood and what triumphed the most !!


I must admit that today I am tired ... quite tired. I think that as I write these lines, I still notice the laces of the "kamikaze" boat's "aquatic" dolphin watching (and it will last for several days, haha), but there is something that still fascinates me, and it is the excellent group of people who have joined in this trip, that if you combine it with such a full day !! nothing can fail !! More tomorrow? Of course.

Isaac (and part of the Minube team), from Funchal - Madeira (Portugal)