Route by car through Slovenia (with map and tips)


Once upon a time, a new Christmas story! in Keys ... but not any one, but the first one of that little Oli with 1 year old. What better way to make a trip to Slovenia What to travel by car? Slovenia is a small country crossed by several highways and other main roads in good condition, short distances and full of nature attractions in summer. And at Christmas? We landed today in Venice from where we pick up our rental car (You already have the article Paula available, which my sister says that in the area where she lives (Italian Adriatic coast) many people leave for Slovenia to live an incredible Christmas "" Slovenia? "" Yes, look at this announcement of a town called Radovljica shot there ... although there is not much information in winter, only nature trips in summer "" Ohh, how beautiful, Oli will love it ... "Not very different from this conversation was what brought us early today at the small airport of Alvedro in A Coruña where we embark around 6'00 via Madrid to Venice, our gateway to a country where we still don't have a direct flight with the capital. Iberia, as always, spending money in advertising to change its image but the reality is the same as always: "human values" ZERO. So, with Oli asleep in Paula's arms, we have to wait 10 minutes for all Bussiness, Platinos, Prioritys (some badly polite pushing) and so on because the babies "do not matter", what is worth the money. POINT. The day that the robots replace all these people of Iberia I, sincerely, I will be glad. I always say it, the only thing that differentiates us from them are the human values ​​that never (hopefully) can be reproduced and do not exist here.

But we know that not everyone has 8 days to make a trip to Christmas Slovenia, especially on a December bridge, so while we fly to our destination we will give you some information to design your own trip

Why 8 days? Can it be done on a bridge of 4 or 5 days? Map of main places.

The answer in our case is simple: we go 8 days because they are the ones we had from December 27 and January 4, a day that we wanted to be back to enjoy the Kings ride already in Coruña. The second reason is that we wanted the trip to be more "slow-travel" to cover the same with little Oli but more spaced. Do you want to know the main points to see on a trip to Slovenia?

The main essential places of a trip to Slovenia that you should never miss are Ljubjlana, Predjama Castle, Postojna Caves or Skocjan Caves or both (the first most prepared for tourism, the second most "adventurous"), the oldest population of Ptuj, the "Venetian" population of Piran and the Bled Lake. Optionally they are usually recommended and like a lot at any time of the yearCelje and its castle, the coastal ones Koper, Izola and Portorozthe prettySkofja Loka and Maribor, second population of the country. And now to round off the "task", according to the time of the year:

  • If you go in spring, summer or fall, the entire environment of Triglav National Park It is a must: Bohinj Lake, Kranjska Gora, Vrsic Pass, Soca Valley, Bovec, etc.… You can also add the beautiful population of Velika Planina.
  • If you go in winter and more at Christmas time (which usually begins at the end of November and arrives until January 1 -ideal for the bridge or Christmas) you have a magical December of idyllic villages transformed into street markets, fairy cities and decoration of lights and colors, in addition to Ljubjlana, Celje, Maribor, Ptuj and Bled (required) in Vojnik, Velenje, Radovljica and Mojstrana
  • If you don't care about the time and what you are looking for is SPA tourism, the whole eastern area is full of spa towns like Dolenjske Toplice, Brezice, Podcetrtek, Rogaska Slatina, etc ...

Why the decision of this route and not another? Our tour WITH MAP

Our travel calendar in the middle of Christmas includes an important date in LA NOCHEVIEJA and Ljubjlana, its capital, have an incredible atmosphere to enjoy it. We do not doubt it, on December 30 and 31 (and even the initial idea was also 1) we had to be in the most important city, its markets and the atmosphere of its squares. The rest of the stops had to make sense of the route to meet that goal so, marking us as a goal not to make long distances (from 1h30-2h by car, there are no great distances), We were distributing the main stops to Maribor (Postojna, Predjama, Celje and Ptuj) to return to Ljubjlana on 30 and, in the new year, see the other part of the country (Lake Bled, Radovljica, Škofja Loka and Slovenian coast). The travel result was left with this sketch that you saw in the article "Travel to Slovenia in 8 days (ideas and preparations)" ...

What if I want to do it on a December Bridge with 4-5 days and in Christmas atmosphere? You can make a great route! It is best to take an early flight (or the day you leave work) and take advantage of that day to get to Ljubjlana from Venice or Trieste (or even Zagreb if it is your direct option). From there 2 alternatives:

- Do base in Ljubjlana, a simple city to park, leave and enter and go on the days that Lake Bled-Radovljica-Škofja Loka, Ptuj-Celje (perhaps Maribor would leave) and Postojna or Skocjan-Predjama (the one that has days to extend, then Koper-Piran) and return to Venice. We will also give you options in the newspaper for excursions.
- Do it as car route through Slovenia because there are places that are worth spending the night as they transform as Bled-Radovljica and Celje.

Planning the route of the day: Venice - border - Postojna

Do we start As usual, throughout the travel diary we will tell you our planning and choice of stops but also what could have been done so that you can value adding it or not to your route. Heitinerary of the day has been the following (click to see it on Google Maps)

We have taken a To Coruña-Madrid-Venice to arrive early (around 11:30) to Venice Airport and do the paperwork for car rental. So, around 12:30, we were leaving for our destination of the day that is located in front of thePostojna Cave, one of the highlights of Slovenia, about 2 hours. We have not added to the route because at this time it gets dark at 16'15, something that we have to take into account during the whole trip (which favors us because we go to Christmas markets)

Distance traveled during the day: 183 km
Car used in the trip: Peugeot 308 130 HP Diesel booked with Rentalcars With Premium Coverage in case we have a problem. You already have available the article "Car rental in Slovenia (from Venice) with comparative"
Hotel chosen to sleep in Postojna: Postojna Cave Hotel Jama (100 meters from the cave entrance)
Alternative excursions to the car fromand Ljubljana: Excursion to Postojna cave and Predjama castle me excursion to Bled, Postojna cave and Predjama castle.
Circuit from Venice for those who do not want to rent a car: 8-day tour of Slovenia from Venice with guide in Spanish which includes airport pick-up, lodging, breakfast, transfers, cable car and all tickets

What to see between Venice and Postojna?

Our route of the day has taken us directly to Postojna but the route would allow us to stop at the following locations in Slovenia that may be of interest and Listings by stop order (many do not appear even in the usual guides -With the most interesting-):

- Sad, although not from Slovenia, anyone who is curious can enjoy a historic Italian city with an impressive old town as an alternative stop.
- Kanal ob Soči, a curious town at the end of the Soca Valley but accessible from the road with colorful houses, a large tower and a river with peculiar aquamarine color.
Štanjel, a town embedded between terraces where the Church of San Daniel stands out.
- Postojna, next to Predjama Castle, the main attraction of the Slovenian Carso that mobilizes people from all over Europe for their visit.

You know what we always say, this is for the values ​​but there is NO MUST DO IT ALL. Design your own trip.

Welcome to Venice, Oli! It has not been until the boarding of Madrid when the small sleeper who has finally made signs of life his first route by car as Keys outside of Spain (He had previously been to Rome and Italy but we moved by public transport and set second base in Cupra Marittima). At 11'10, on time, we landed at the international airport and the rest, as usual: pick up bags, have breakfast at the airport cafeteria (EUR 8.90) while Isaac processed the car and the chair - which they have given me new of the package-…

... and all up! We have been given a Peugeot 308 of 130 hp and a large trunk as this time I opted for a somewhat larger vehicle although everything is explained in the article "Car rental in Slovenia (from Venice) with comparative"), including the Mandatory to put a vignette in the car to drive on the roads of Slovenia. We have been forecasters since we knew that Oli would sleep on the way and not to wake her up when stopping at the service areas near the border, we brought her bought from Spain and we have already hit her.

Are little more than 180 km that separate us from Postojna, or rather, from the Postojna Cave (since we are going to sleep just 100 meters from them, 3 minutes walk). What better way to start a trip, right? However, between leaving the Venice Airport, paying the toll (10.20 EUR) and works that we have found in the Italian part, we have put ourselves in the Slovenian population already at 15'15.

To those who have temptations to "skip the vignetta" tell them that it has been to leave at the first exit of the Slovenia highway, which marked the town of Postojna, and stop us a policeman who was checking the stickers on the cars. This tells us two things: that they take it very seriously and that many Italians must "ignore" the warnings.

He Postojna Cave Hotel Jama, although we already sensed it, it's a pimp. Newly renovated in 2016, with bar, restaurant, a decorated Christmas hall, in the main street 3 minutes from the entrance of the cave, with free parking and modern room with terrace. Ah, the cribs I have ordered in advance in all who go ... and there was prepared

What a few years ago would have been a walk along the lively main street at this time, full of restaurants and souvenir shops, today has become a visit to the nearby supermarket (50.09 EUR). The babycook always comes on our trips since summer in Italy and buying a few times on the tour a little vegetables and fruit is comfortable (we are not potitos). The other one that is not missing, after passing the litmus test with the Roman cobblestones (haha), is the chair Yoyo + that, in addition to folding so much that it already has 6 cabin flights with us without having to lower it to the cellar, has a large basket, is convenient to handle and Oli sticks some care naps, haha. Who would have told us that we would talk about these things? To ours! what are the trips ...

An important fact that we are going to take into account during the whole trip is that the sun goes down around 4:15 p.m. (dark at 5 p.m.) which favors us since we have been looking for Christmas markets and atmosphere of lights and decorations but we have to be careful to make the routes by car before that time (although the roads are great and are almost all highways)


In this box we will tell you every day some curiosities or anecdotes that happen to you when traveling with a small one of 1 year and 1 month. On this day things have happened to us like that on the flight from Madrid to Venice it stays with the whole row and the one behind, "provoking" and "laughing" with everyone to play with her, haha ​​... or that her greatest discovery to Arriving in Postojna has been some pebbles that were decorated in the great hall-bar-restaurant of the hotel and would like to take them all, haha.

But the best thing is that It never ceases to surprise us as hallucinates with every Christmas light. The hotel tree is very pretty and Oli has been hypnotized pointing it out so we could go see it. Loves!

And no, we travel with Oli or not and after a welcome cocktail, it has not been missing our traditional walk to know where we are. The area near the Postojna cave is surrounded by several car parks, one for buses and hotels (our car is there) and others great for all the people who should receive this place in summer, and a main street full of options. The visits are over for today and the mouth of the cave is most intriguing. How impressive is this place inside? We will know tomorrow at 10 which is when we have tickets.

It's been around 2ºC although warm they get along and Oli in his "supersaco" doesn't even know. In winter it is important to know that, in the absence of mass tourism, the restaurants close at night so the Magdalena Food & Fun (whose name is due to one of the five caves of the system), the Modrijan Homestead's Tasty Treats and the Proteus restaurant and others fast service, are closing. We have the Dvorec mansion (the one that is illuminated in the photos) and the one of Postojna Cave Hotel Jama which they speak very well ... and we checked!

RESTAURANTS IN SLOVENIA | POSTOJNA: Postojna Cave Hotel Jama, is very famous for its seasonal food prepared with a certain touch of design but we were surprised that, in addition to local ingredients, they were so fast

The rates for the dishes were quite reasonable so for some soups, a main course, a beer and a soda, without dessert, the price was 37.44 EUR

We have a longer introductory chapter for what the day has given, right? LOL. Anyway we believe that it will serve to contextualize the route by car through Slovenia that we are going to do, have a map of the main places to visit and be able to design an itinerary to your liking. We tomorrow at 10'00 have a visit to the Postojna Cave so… tomorrow more!

Isaac, Paula and Oli, from Postojna (Slovenia)